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About Realistic Sex Dolls

Where can I find the exact measurements for the doll?

Is it possible for the doll to change and hold different positions?

What is Sex Doll TPE material?

Shipping and Tracking Your Order

Is it Free Shipping? Really?

Do you really ship worldwide?

How long does the shipping take?

Where can I track my order?

Which logistic company you use for doll delivery?

Is the delivery discreet what comes to packaging?

Can I pick up a sex doll from a carrier by myself instead delivered to my home address?

I ordered a sex doll and can't find tracking number anywhere?

My doll arrived, but no accessories. What's wrong?

From which country will my delivery arrive?

Payment Methods

Stripe - The New Standard of Payment Methods

PayPal - With Purchase Protection

Sex Doll Guarantee, Purchase Protection and Warranty

Joy Love Dolls - Get What You Buy Guarantee

Sex Doll Warranty

Other Common Questions:

Why should you buy from Joy Love Dolls?

Where are you located?

Is Joy Love Dolls a scam site?

Can I trust Joy Love Dolls?

Where the products are delivered from?

Why don´t you have ready-made dolls in a stock?

Where is your main market?

Taking Care of Your Sex Doll

How do I clean my doll?

How do clean the oral cavity (mouth)?

How do I clean the vaginal and anal cavities?

How to warm up my doll?

How to keep the doll in the best shape all the time?