How does it feel to have sex with a sex doll?


How does it feel to have sex with a sex doll?

Sex dolls, similar to vibrators and dildos have taken over the market, and a lot of enthusiasts are showing a keen interest in this innovative new toy. However, the question that remains most pertinent in the minds of those people who have thought about buying a sex doll, or been attracted to the concept after watching sex doll porn, is how it actually feels to have sex with such a doll. These dolls are not cheap items, and most high-end ones that are available in the market at the moment cost quite a significant amount. Therefore, it is quite a legitimate question to know about the performance, safety and reliability of the product before investing in it. To all those people who are wondering about the sensation one gets after having sex with a silicone doll, let out a sigh of relief and joy to learn that it actually feels awesome.

Masturbation is the most common task that people engage in, in order to let off steam and control their libido, when on heat. However, after a while masturbation can become quite boring. Flicking the bean, or handling your meat starts to lose the luster as it used to have when you were a 14 year old teenager looking at porn for the first time. In order to counteract this cloying effect, owning and enjoying the company of a high-end pleasure doll is quite fun, and can be considered as an incredible improvement when compared to plain old masturbation. However, you need to know a few tips before you start fucking the shit out of your silicone partner, as it will help enhance the experience tenfold.

Some things you need to do before having sex with your sex doll

·        Don’t forget to warm her up- You want to have as much of a realistic experience as possible. Therefore, don’t forget to warm up your doll before poking it with your schlong. A heater mattress would prove to be a great choice in this endeavor.

·        Ensure best practices- Warming up your doll includes just the beginning of the fun. Make sure that you have a great collection of porn pre-downloaded or downloading as you heat your doll up. Now that you have got your porn downloaded, make sure that you play it in front of you, and go into bang-bang land with your pleasure doll. You can fantasize about the girl in the video, turn your doll into the position that the girl is in, in the video, and enjoy the best role-play you have ever had in your life.

She looks like a real woman...

...and feels like real woman too.

More perspective on how it feels to have sex with a sex doll

To provide you better perspective on how it feels to have sex with a sex doll the following section of the article will aim to elaborate upon what it feels like getting a blowjob from a real woman, as compared to one that you would get from a silicone doll.

With the progress of day and age, innovative technologies are constantly flooding the industry involving such pleasure dolls, with the application of TPE and silicone material, and provision of steel joints to aid in better flexibility, which makes these dolls seem more and more like the real thing. Although, many would prefer getting their dicks sucked by a real woman, pleasure dolls are not really far away with the benefits they provide, with some aspects topping the benefits real women are capable of providing. Some of these explanations, which will help you get a better idea of how getting a blowjob from a silicone doll feels like, include:

·        The need for lube- Unlike a real woman, silicone dolls do not produce saliva naturally, and therefore, require lubes. This is one aspect in which they lack as compared to a living woman. Moreover, a real woman’s mouth is warm, as compared to an inanimate doll, necessitating the need for warming the doll up before use. Moreover, these dolls have automated responses, which might at times take away from the natural conducive environment that you would experience with a real woman.

·        Non-stop blowjobs- Unlike a real woman, who has to take some time to catch her breath, a silicone doll will provide you with the pleasure of receiving continuous blowjobs with little to no stoppage required.

·        Blowjobs on demand- Unlike a real woman, you can get a hearty blowjob whenever you want. Your silicone partner is always available to satisfy you and does not throw tantrums or refuse your need to get your dick sucked.

·        Zero risk of diseases- TPE dolls are as clean as it gets and does not pose any chance of you getting repulsed by bad breath or catching a sexually transmitted disease, if you and only you are the person that has sex with your sex doll. Real women on the other hand might be vectors of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases, with some capable of being transferred even through oral sex.

Firm breasts

Remember to use lubricant

No diseases from sex dolls

More on sex doll usage and its safety

The acceptance of silicone dolls in mainstream society is a pleasant change as compared to the taboo and stigma it faced earlier. A lot of this can be attributed to the courageous effort of Howard Stern, who in the 1990s ordered an inflatable doll and had sex with it on air. Although, the doll that Howard had ordered was a simple inflatable air doll, such pleasure dolls have come a long way with silicone and TPE modifications and AI making them more human-like with each passing day. However, being a responsible consumer, it is your duty to stay safe while using your pleasure doll. There are three main things that you need to ensure as an owner of such dolls, in order to keep yourself best protected while using these wonderful tools. This includes the quality, materials used and design of the doll you choose. The fuck-doll industry is highly regulated, so it should not be very hard for you to find a trusted source. Peruse user reviews and make sure to buy from suppliers, which are reputed in order to ensure high quality.

It is best to choose dolls that are a bit costly, especially those made from TPE or silicone. Being hypo allergic, these materials are completely safe for the human skin, and can be used without any tension of irritation or infection. They can also be easily disinfected and cleaned without causing any detrimental effects to the product’s quality.

The skeleton that is used to make these products are quite frail and have necessary padding to ensure zero damage to the user. However, being sized in carrying shapes, it is best to avoid carrying these dolls with weight being applied on your back, in order to avoid any unforeseen back injury.

With that clarified, you should be convinced by now how great an experience it is to have fun with a sex doll and spice up your life. However, in order to enjoy these pleasures for yourself it is important to buy a silicone doll for yourself. If you are looking for a high quality pleasure doll that will meet your exact preferences and fetishes, look no further than Joy Love Dolls, as they are here to help you fulfill your kinkiest imaginations.

They feel like real persons 

Sex doll bodies are natural

Sex dolls even look natural

Step 1

Warm up her and yourself

Step 2

Have sex with your love doll

Step 3

Clean her and storage for future purpose

Use our accessories for best maintenance

Suspension bar

Easy to hang and storage your doll in closet

Storage case

Store and move your doll at handy box

Removable vagina

Removable vagina is easy to keep clean

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