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Zolo Solo Flesh Hands Free Masturbator Zolo™

Sex Machines

Sex machines are fantastic for leg-shaking solo play, but even the original Sybian machine had couples in mind. Also known as a fuck machine, it allows for simulated threesomes and a delicious control element. For those interested in double penetration, you can use your toy as an anal sex machine....

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Sex machines are fantastic for leg-shaking solo play, but even the original Sybian machine had couples in mind. Also known as a fuck machine, it allows for simulated threesomes and a delicious control element. For those interested in double penetration, you can use your toy as an anal sex machine. Want to play out voyeuristic fantasies with your dildo machine? You're in luck. Sex machines, like the Hismith, let you control the toy via an app. Fateful doms can watch on and reign over their partner's pleasure in an erotic experience we doubt you'll soon forget. Get to know the best sex machine reviews from bedbible.com

sex machines

What Is a Sex Machine? 

Sex machines add an exciting new dynamic to bedroom antics. Sex machines provide steady, uninterrupted thrusting with various dildo attachments to fill all your orifices. Flat, textured accessories exist if you prefer pleasure through grinding or dry humping. For those with a penis, separate extensions allow users to indulge in simulated oral or vaginal sex. 

The original model was the Sybian machine, which users mount to enjoy. But there's also the Hismith sex machine, a powerful thrusting sex machine that lets you adjust the height for an erotic experience standing or down on all fours.

The Amazing Benefits of Sex Machines

A sex machine has numerous benefits for individuals, couples, trios, and more with all different orientations and desires.

Intense Solo Orgasms

Masturbation provides people with a myriad of health benefits. Masturbation has shown to relieve stress and tension. But it's best known for pleasure, of course.  And what better way to pleasure yourself than with a fuckmachine that does what nothing else can? The intense vibrations mixed with quick thrusts (we're talking hundreds a minute) allow for a sensation that smaller, classic sex toys can't match. 

Improve Your Relationship with Your Partner

Incorporating sex toys like sex machines open up a whole new world of pleasure and play. It invites communication and trust between people, all while indulging in erotic fantasy.  For those wanting to experiment in a threesome but wary of including another person, this is a desirable option. Not only is double penetration possible, but most mountable sex machines are large enough for partners to share.

Enables Safe Power and Role Playing

For those who enjoy a bit of power play, specific sex machines offer apps and remote accessories for outside control. You can bind your partner with your favorite BDSM gear and completely dominate their thrills. If you're on the controlling end, you can see how your partner reacts to certain sensations and ask what feels best. If your pleasure is in the hands of your partner, you can trust in their intention to make you feel nothing less than amazing. 

What About Cons?

Honestly, it's hard to find any cons when it comes to sex machines. They're ravishing, and few toys can give users the O-face that these can. Two potential downsides, however, are size and cost.  The larger machines are closer to resembling a household appliance than the standard vibrator. It may seem like hiding them would be difficult, but most of them break down into smaller parts, so storage is less of an issue than one might assume.  Also, while some sex machines are on the pricier end, there are cheap and middle-of-the-road options! But if your heart is yearning for a higher-priced product, excellent financing options are available to those who qualify. 

What Types of Sex Machines Are There?

Joy Love Dolls has every variation of sex machines available! A wand-style one can act as your portable little secret, while the largest fuck machines can be the centerpiece of your sexplorations. We're sure to have something for everyone. Most included dildos and attachments feature easy-to-clean silicone, although some devices may consist of TPE dildos. If you prefer a non-porous material, we have an extensive collection of silicone dildos.  


For those seeking a discreet experience, the hand-held or wand-style toys are perfect. They still have the intoxicating thrust power sex machines are famous for but in a compact way. Thrusting abilities vary from gentle to forceful to meet all your fantasies. There are also prostate massaging variations for those seeking out an anal sex machine.  Handheld variations have a slower thrusting speed and may not go as deep as the others, but they're perfect for beginners. They also tend to be much more affordable! You can get a good feel (wink, wink) for sex machines before making a more considerable investment.  You can use these toys on yourself or have your partner use them on you. Either way, they're sure to please. 


Thrusting fuck machines are high-powered devices perfect for deep, consistent penetration. They're much more powerful than their hand-held counterparts, with some having speeds up to 10 thrusts per second. Plenty of attachments and adapters exist, making it easy to swap their included dildos for all your favorites. A cool component of a thrusting sex machine is its versatility. With our brands, users can adjust the height and angle, making these a perfect anal sex machine. Some can even detach from their stands for a unique, adjustable hand-held sexual experience. 


A mountable sex machine is easily the most popular and recognizable. These devices are famous for giving intense orgasms, brought on by the machine's wide variety of settings. Most come equipped with both a twirl and vibration function, helping users hit all the right spots.  These luxurious toys will make you feel on top of the world with their dynamic power and unparalleled thrill. You'll transform into the embodiment of your sensuality. You'll gain total control over pressure, angle, intensity, and depth. You'll know what works for you, so when someone else gets involved, you'll find it easy to communicate your exact needs. Mountable sex machines are great for a private solo session but large enough to welcome your partner. The remotes are easy to control, but some have more of a learning curve than others when navigating intensity. 

Shop Sex Machines

Today With so many pleasurable benefits, there's no better way to spice up your solo playtime or partner or group sex than with a sex-machine. Shop the Joy Love Dolls collection today to find the perfect sex machines for you.

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