Blush X5 Men Sweet Jasmine Sex Doll
The Sweet Jasmine love doll from Blush is a life sized inflatable doll. Her breasts are supple. She has oral, vaginal and anal openings. She is life sized (measures 63" tall) for a more realistic experience. You can go at...
$59.90 $34.90
Inflatable Party Doll - Big Betty
Feelin' down ? Well let's fuck around! I'll make you feel better! I am big & round and I fuck around! Blow me up, toss me around, take me out on the town. I'm the perfect date... that's never late....
Tiny Tina 26" Blow Up Doll
I'm short and petite and I fuck so sweet! Blow me up, toss me around, take me out on the town. I'm the perfect date... that's never late. I don't cost much... I don't eat... I don't talk, and I'll...
Vivid Raw Juicy Jugs Love Doll
Vivid Raw Juicy Juggs Love Doll. Rachel Love, found on Vivid.com. Cum on my tits. Life size inflatable love doll. Firm breasts. 4-color face. 3 love holes. One year warranty - Unmatched quality. PVC
Fuck Friends Rico Suave Swinger Series Doll
Fuck Friends Swinger Series Love Doll Rico Suave. If your ideal man has defined abs, a sexy firm ass, and a hard on that just will not quit, then Rico is the man for you. This studly sex doll will...
Fuck Friends Love Doll 2 Orifice - Amber
This inflatable sex doll is a life-size brunette and comes to you in the sitting position ready for you to take her sitting on top of you or doggy style! Her warm tight ass and specially contoured Vagina will make...
Sold Out
Inflatable Love Doll
3 tempting holes: mouth, vagina, anus. Large breasts with erect nipples. Lotus position. Waterproof. Phthalates free. Material: PVC. Size: 41.3" tall.
Fuck Friends Rosita Suave Swinger Series Doll
F*ck Friends Swinger Series Rosita Female Love Doll from Hott Products. Take Alluring Rosita home and do her any way you like. Gaze into Rositas realistic, molded face with big gorgeous eyes and long flirty eyelashes. Grab her flowing hair...
Fuck Friends Love Doll 3 Orafice - Tiffany
Run your hands down Tiffany's slender waist and shapely hips while you plunge into her amazingly realistic soft pussy which looks and feels just like the real thing! Turn her around your bed and specially contoured vagina will make you...
Naughty Party Boobie Balloons - Flesh
No party is complete without balloons. And certainly, no adult party is complete without boobie balloons! These boobie-shaped, flesh-colored adult novelty inflatables are a must have party supply. Bouncy, huge and squishy when blown up, these air-filled breasts feature a...
Inflatable Party Doll - Cop
Blow me up, let me arrest you! This inflatable Sexy Officer love doll comes with a large penis and (tight) anal hole. Toy cop doll will fulfill all of your sexy desires. Whether he is in for a fuckin' or...
Inflatable Party Doll - Sexy Nurse
Feelin' down ? Well let's fuck around! I'll make you feel better! Nurses do it better! Blow me up, toss me around, take me out on the town. I'm the perfect date... that's never late. I don't cost much... I...
Pipedream F#CK-A-DUCK. The world's naughtiest inflatable bath toy! Give "fowl play" a whole new meaning! This ain't the same rubber ducky you grew up with. This dirty duckling likes to get wet and wild and have its feathers ruffled! Just...
Boy Toy Sex Doll
Blow me up, Toss me around, Take me out on the Town. I'm the Perfect Date.. I don't cost much.. I don't eat.. I don't talk, and I"ll entertain all your friends! Features: Includes 2 Pleasure Holes. Body Safe PVC...
Doll Face Female Sex Doll
Blow me up, Toss me around, Take me out on the Town. I'm the Perfect Date.. I don't cost much.. I don't eat.. I don't talk, and I"ll entertain all your friends! Features: Includes 3 Pleasure Holes. Height 5' 2"...
Harry The Hunk 5 Ft Inflatable Man
Harry the Hunk... the 5 foot inflatable bachelorette man.
Pipedream Extreme Dollz Size Inflatable Love Doll
Pipedream Extreme Dollz Big Beautiful Becky Plus-Size Love Doll. I'm big, beautiful, and have plenty of extra cushion for the pushin! I'm a pleasingly plump BBW and I'm the ultimate fantasy girl for all you chubby chasers! If you like...
Inflatable Party Doll - Fireman
All fired up? Well then blow me up... and we can start to fuck! This inflatable Sexy Fireman love doll comes with a large penis and (tight) anal hole. Sexy Fireman doll will fulfill all of your sexy desires. Whether...

What Is An Inflatable Sex Doll?

What Is An Inflatable Sex Doll? Inflatable love dolls are the perfect pairing for individuals seeking a little realism with their sex toys.  When first using your new fuck friend, make sure to read the instructions to understand how to inflate/deflate it properly. It's best to use your blow up sex doll on a flat, smooth surface to prevent damage. Don't worry about using your lungs to blow one up — a manual pump is best. Avoid an electric pump, so you don't overinflate or cause damage to your sex toy.   Of course, clean your inflatable doll before and after use. Dolls vary in material, so refer to the instructions for the best cleaning methods.  

What Are The Types of Inflatable Sex Dolls? 

The Joy Love Dolls blow collection has all your bases covered.  You'll find all different sizes, shapes, ethnicities, and genders in our stunning selection of blow up sex dolls. We, and our inflatable sex dolls, make it easier than ever to hook up with the person of your dreams. 

Female Inflatable Sex Doll

The female models are the most popular. They come with three penetrable orifices: mouth, anus, and vagina.  You can choose a doll modeled after your ideal woman. We have bombshell blondes, spicy redheads, and dark-haired beauties available for your pleasure. If you love a plus-sized lady, we have you covered. Or how about a naughty nurse? Fantastic news, she's yours.  A few options even include photos or videos of the doll's real-life counterpart, so you can genuinely feel your fantasy. 

Male Blow Up Doll

Our store offers a steamy selection of inflatable men, too!  Play nice or rough with your male blow up doll. Their bodies are expertly sculpted and give you plenty of penis sizes to choose from. All models are super sexy, but a few are extra fun, like the police or fireman role-play inflatables. Plus, a few even have an additional anal opening for anyone's pleasure.  You can also pair your inflatable man with other tantalizing toys, giving yourself the best solo romp of your life. Live out your wildest dreams without any judgment, honey!

Lifelike Blow Up Dolls

For the most realistic experience possible, choose from our lifelike blow up dolls.  The designers made these sex toys with human-like weight, feel, and richer color to closely imitate a natural body. You may even find a USB warmer included in your package that helps heat things up. 

The Benefits Of A Blow Up Sex Doll

Your new plastic partner is not without delicious benefits (outside the best masturbation session ever, of course). From building stamina to spicing up your sex life, you're in for a major treat. 

Practice Makes Perfect

When you choose a blowup sex doll, you allow yourself to practice new moves and positions.  For one, an inflatable doll can bend in any position you want, letting you figure out what you like. But you can also position it in your partner's favorite ways and work out how to maintain more complex maneuvers. 

Heightened Solo Pleasure 

Using your hands is fun, but it can get a little old. That's why some very genius people created dildos and other fun sex toys, after all.  But your inflatable doll will take that particular solo time to all new heights entirely. You'll feel like you're actually inside someone (or have someone inside you), but you'll only have to think about all the good things you're feeling. No nervousness, no worries about how much time you're spending, and no figuring out what anyone else needs. It's all about you. 

Build Your Stamina 

If you're worried about how long you last during the real deal, having a lifelike blow up dolls can help.  The realistic elements of these toys will leave you better prepared for partner encounters. You can build up your sexual stamina over time, ensuring future partners get the best of you for as long as they need. 

Experiment With Your Love Life

If you and your partner have ever wanted a third, but are nervous about what introducing an additional person means, then choose an inflatable sex doll.  Blow up sex dolls come with all the fun and excitement of a threesome without any of the potential drama. Inflate your sex toy and add it to the next romp. Experimenting will help you decide if multiple partners really are your thing or if you're just looking for a bit of spice in your sex life. 

Easy, Discreet Storage

Certain sex toys can be challenging to store, mainly those with unique sizes and shapes. This isn't an issue with an inflatable doll. They deflate just as quickly as they deflate. After cleaning, you can fold it up and return it to the box it came in.  Your sex toy is easily storable under your bed, in a drawer, in your closet — wherever, so long as it's a cool, dry place. 

Try Before Buying Silicone 

If you're curious about sex dolls but aren't keen on shelling out the big bucks just yet, then this collection is perfect.  Inflatable loves dolls are a more cost-effective option for first-time buyers and allow you to get a feel (pun intended) for the doll craze. 

Shop The Joy Love Dolls Inflatable Doll Collection Today

Are you ready for a wild evening of inflatable fun? We knew it. Shop the Joy Love Dolls inflatable sex doll collection and start making fantasies a reality. 

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