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WM Dolls
Luxury Silicone Ass and Vagina

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WM Dolls
Premium Sex Doll Torso Fat Leg

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WM Dolls
Premium Sex Doll Torso B9

$1,599.00 $1,299.00

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Premium Sex Doll Torso B15

$1,599.00 $1,399.00

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Premium Sex Doll Torso B10

$1,599.00 $1,299.00

WM Dolls
Premium Sex Doll Torso Legs

$1,599.00 $899.00

WM Dolls
Premium Sex Doll Torso B2

$1,599.00 $999.00

Sex doll torsos are adult sex toys for men's pleasure. Torsos are cheaper than full-size dolls and lighter in weight. Easy to use, easy to clean and maintain.

The magic of sex doll torsos and partial sex dolls

The popularity of sex dolls and torsos doll is on the rise with the passage of each day, with many people fulfilling their aspirations and fetishes with these love buddies, without having to worry about the acceptance of a real woman. How many times have you crossed paths with a lady on the street, who happens to own the perfect body? How many times have you wondered what it would have been like had you been able to bed that woman every day, enjoy the beauty of her luscious body, and adore it until eternity? However, it is not always possible to fulfill these wishes or get a taste of that ravishing body. Most of us do not look like movie stars and many more do not have the confidence or courage to approach the lady and ask her out for a coffee. Even then, it is just coffee. Getting to have sex with her is a long haul.

However, sex dolls have mitigated the scope of such dissatisfaction and allow you to enjoy the exact body; buxom or petite, whatever be your preference, enabling you to enjoy pleasurable sex every night with the silicone beauty of your dreams. Apart from providing you with sexual pleasure, these silicone dolls are ready to serve your lustful desires any time, all day round. You might laugh at the idea that silicone dolls can actually provide you with therapeutic benefits, but it is actually true. You can let go of your daily frustrations and sexual tension and enjoy a distressing session of kinky hot sex with your pleasure doll. It is a great thing from people who are shy from approaching people from the opposite sex, or people who suffer from social anxieties. It also allows you to become great at sex, improve your tempo and stamina, and be extraordinary when having sex with a real woman.

This being said, all of the above information relates to silicone dolls and what benefits they provide to the average person. However, like any other popular product, even these dolls have variations, and one such exciting variation that is ripe with many features and highlights are mini pleasure dolls, also known as real doll torsos. The following section of this article will aim to shed some light on what these variants are and also provide you with information about the brilliant silicone doll torsos that Joy Love Dolls have.


Mini Sex Dolls: What they are and why you might need them?

Miniature versions of these dolls differ from full-size versions only in their height and weight. These silicone torsos are usually below hundred centimeters in length and weight between 5-20 kilograms. Apart from this, there is hardly any conceivable difference between a fuck-doll torso and a life-size love-doll. You also have the scope of altering the size of the vagina, by closing or opening the legs. These torsos also come equipped with many fascinating features, which keep into account the myriad tastes and preferences of people, so as to ensure that everyone’s fetishes are fulfilled.

The size is one of the most prominent factors that you should consider before buying these torsos. Being small in size and light in weight, it is a very efficient doll for pleasure, which allows you to maneuver it easily and perform sexual acts and positions that might have proven to be tiring when performed on a full-size doll.

Another benefit that owning a silicone torso doll provides you with is the convenience of storage. A lot of men and women have had a bad experience with their past relationships and have chosen to spend their time with such silicone partners instead of a real human being. However, the taboo of owning a love-doll remains, despite the progressive evolution of society, and these people who own such dolls might not want others to come to know about their secret treasure. Hence, it is quite natural to want to keep your doll away from the privy public eye after you are done using them. The small size of these torsos makes them perfect for such convenient and covert storage. They can be easily kept inside a suitcase or a wardrobe after you have had your way with it. You might even choose to carry your doll, as you are travel to another place on a vacation or business trip. Being easy to store and carry, they are ideal dolls to own as compared to their life-size counterparts that have portability issues.

The next factor that makes these silicone torsos an absolute steal is the affordability that they provide. They usually come at half the price or even less of their larger counterparts, owing to the need for lesser materials to make them. They are also brilliant if you are someone who wants variety in your pleasure doll collection, as going for full-size dolls of different types can prove to be a costly affair and also create a storage issue. Another brilliant fact is that pleasure doll torsos have actually proven to be great for people who are getting accustomed to using these dolls for the first time. Before handling the full-sized variants, becoming familiar with miniature dolls has proven to be great learning curve for newbies.

The luxury silicone ass and vagina from Joy Love Dolls

There should be no reason why you should compromise on quality and design even when you are buying a sex doll torso. It is for this very reason that you should choose to buy from Joy Love Dolls, as their premium dolls are of supreme quality, while also remaining affordable. The luxury silicone ass and vagina from Joy Love Dolls is a miniature doll for pleasure that has been created to provide the feeling of class and convenience. Easy to store, clean and hide, these dolls are made using high-quality medical-grade silicone, which helps provide a supremely real experience of having sex. This doll is handy in size while providing great promise for providing pleasure to any silicone doll lover.

The prominent, awarded and respected pleasure doll manufacturer, WM Dolls, creates the luxury silicone ass and wm doll torso and  vaginas. It provides you with the capability to enjoy both vaginal and anal sex with this miniature sex doll torso. The openings are made such that it feels like a real woman, with anti-fouling protection to save the product from suffering scuffs, marks or any other external damage. The durable material used in this medical grade silicone product is capable of serving you for many years. With a length of 46 centimeters, a width of 50 centimeters, and a weight of 7 kilograms this TPE torso is quite conveniently sized and easy to handle. The packaging that is sent by Joy Love Dolls is unmarked and is shipped in a discreet manner to ensure that the customer’s privacy is given the highest priority. Therefore, if you have not yet purchased this wonderful TPE doll torso from Joy Love Dolls, it is high time that you do so, and fulfill your lustful fantasies with luxury and efficiency.

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