Master Series Chained Collar & Nipple To Clit Clamps
Collar Nipple and Clit Clamp Set from Master Series. With this chained collar and clamp set, you can connect your playthings sensitive areas while adorned with a seductive chain collar. The clamps feature vinyl-coated ends and will provide constant stimulation....
Sexperiments Nipple Clamps
2 fully adjustable multi-use clamps. Features soft pads for added comfort. Tension adjustments make them perfect for nipple stimulation and many other sensitive areas. From Sportsheets.
Shots Ouch Nipple Erector Set - Black
Keep your nipples stiff and sensitive with this nipple erector set and experience pumping pleasure! To start, take the pump with the smallest opening. Slide the rubber ring of your choice over the opening and place it on your nipple....
Nipple Play Nipple Jewelry - Silver
We can all agree that pierced nipples are super hot. But, if you're not quite ready for the needle, it's okay! Non-piercing nipple jewelry looks totally real and the best part is, you can have them when you want them,...
Nipple Grips 4-point Weighted Nipple Press - Silver
The Nipple Grips 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press is designed for sensational nipple play. Tighten the screws to exactly the pressure you desire, and let the weights pull and tug for even more intense pleasure. 2 multi-use clamps are included with...
Sex & Mischief Feathered Nipple Clamps
Sex and Mischief Feathered Nipple Clamps: These Feathered Nipple Clamps feature luxuriously soft feathers that tickle the skin as they sway. This product is available in a sophisticated shade of black. This product is adjustable. Rooster feather, nickel free metal,...
Bijoux De Nip Nipple Halos Heart Charm - Red-clear
Bijoux de Nip Nipple Halos with Heart Charm from PHS international. Color: Red/Clear
Lux Fetish Breathable Ball Gag W-adjustable Pressure Nipple Clamps
Two BDSM must-haves come together to provide a kinky experience that you'll never forget. A beginners-friendly breathable ball gag attaches to a set of adjustable nipple clamps that offer a tailored sensation, allowing you to push the limits of tantalizing...
Hunky Junk Elong Nipsuckers - Clear
Elong Nipples suckers work...and look so cool. They will suck any size nip and are deep enough and big enough to fit small to medium piercings. These stay on- the base flares out for more contact with skin. What gives...
Shots Ouch Black & White Breathable Ball Gag W-nipple Clamps - Black
If you want to reach a higher level in your sex life and make it more extreme, you have to try this Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps! With the adjustable clamps you can tease or dominate your partner totally. The...
Shots Advanced Bondage Kit - Black
For those couples who want to step up their bondage games, this kit will satisfy even the most advanced bondage lovers. Comes with breathable ball gag, bonded leather hand and leg cuffs, satin eye mask, flogger, 11 inch feath -...
Plesur Deluxe Bondage Kit - Black-red
Indulge in your kinky side with this deluxe ready-to-play bondage kit! Luxuriously naughty, this kit is perfect to put your precious pet in their place. Comfortable faux-fur lined cuffs and collar are designed for comfort with the right edge of...
Fuzzy Lovers 4 Pc Bedspreader Set
Fuzzy Lovers 4 Piece Bedspreaders Set kinky kits for couples, threesomes, group sex and play parties from Lux Fetish. Introduce your lovers to the soft side of bondage with the plushy Fuzzy Lovers 4 Piece Bedspreaders Set. This set includes...
Nipple Grips 4 Point Nipple Press W-chain - Silver
Push sensation to the next level and enjoy teasing nipple play with the Nipple Grips 4-Point Nipple Press with Chain. Explore elevated sensation with the 2 fully adjustable multi use clamps, screw down 4-point press, and teasing chain. Reach new...
Nipple Grips 4-point Nipple Press With Bells - Silver
Add some fun to your sex life with the Nipple Grips 4-Point Nipple Press with Bells. Heighten your nipple play with a simple twist of the screws. Tighten the screws to exactly the pressure you desire, and pull on the...
Nipple Grips Weighted Twist Nipple Clamps - Black
Blur the borders between pleasure and pain even further with the game-changing Nipple Grips Weighted Twist Nipple Clamps. Explore elevated sensation with 2 adjustable nipple clamps, unique twisting design, and swinging weight. Clamp the naughty clasps to your body and...
Nipple Grips Weighted Tweezer Nipple Clamps -silver
Tweezer-style nipple clamps give you the right amount of squeeze for an incredible nipple play experience. Adjust the tweezers to exactly the pressure you desire, and let the weights pull and tug for even more pleasure. 2 multi-use clamps are...
Nipple Grips Crossbar Nipple Vices - Silver
The Nipple Grips Crossbar Nipple Vices are designed for powerful nipple play. Twist the twin screws and allow the dual cross bars to get tighter and tighter on your nipples for an incredibly pleasing sensation. 2 multi-use clamps are included...
Fifty Shades Of Grey Sweet Anticipation Collar Nipple Clamps
In celebration of a decade of erotic discovery and fulfillment, the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection invites you to immerse yourself in the Fifty Shades experience. Curated by E L James, the collection of stylish, high-quality toys, bondage...
Fifty Shades Freed All Sensation Nipple & Clitoral Chain
Fifty Shades Freed adjustable nipple and clitoral chain. Slide-to-fit design offers varied pressure and a custom fit. Clamps feature silicone coating for an intense but safe pinch. Mini O-rings connect each chain, opening the opportunity for additional weight and restraint...
Easy Toys Fetish Set W-collar, Ankle & Wrist Cuffs - Black
The possibilities are endless with this great bondage set! It consists of a collar, hand cuffs and ankle cuffs that can easily be detached from each other using the clip fasteners. The toys are made of sturdy faux leather lined...
Easy Toys Fetish Collar W-leash - Black
Keep your sub close at all times with this bondage collar with leash. It is made of metal and sturdy faux leather lined with foam, so it can handle a rough treatment and is comfortable to wear at the same...
Easy Toys Faux Leather Collar W-handcuffs - Black
You are in control when your sub is wearing this fantastic bondage set! It consists of a collar with hand cuffs that can easily be detached from each other using the clip fasteners. The toys are made of sturdy faux...
Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Bull Rings - Silver
The Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Bull Rings non piercing nipple rings are both attractive and sexually arousing when pinched on. The metal ball on the ring slides around the nipple area, keeping you aroused and perky all the time!
Fetish Fantasy Series Crystal Nipple Clamps
Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these beginner-style Crystal Nipple Clamps. Made with durable metal clips and covered in soft rubber liners, these clamps are perfect for beginners and fetish enthusiasts alike. The amount of pressure you apply to...
Romantic Wave Electro Shock Vibrating Nipple Clamps - Rose
Make your nipples tingle with these vibrating nipple clamps. Fully adjustable. 7 functions of vibration - 1 function with 3 levels of electro-shock stimulation. material: ABS 2 AAA batteries, not included.
Master Series Charmed Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps - Black
These easy to use clamps have a simple screw-down design, accented with heart shaped padlock detailing. The vinyl coasted rips allow for a comfortable and secure grip while the black lacquered heart accent dangles enticingly from the end. The screws...
Sex & Mischief Enchanted Feather Nipple Clamps - Burgundy
A flirtatious twist on a pleasurable pinch. Be brought to the next level of ecstasy with the adjustable Enchanted Feather Nipple Clamps making it easy for varying levels of pressure play. Allow your partner to test your boundaries by compressing...
Sexperiments Nipple Suckers
Nipple Suckers are squeezable with flanged base for extra suction. Bulb is designed to provide increased sensitivity and blood flow. Includes 1 pair of Nipple Suckers Nipple Clips. From Sportsheets.
Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Clamps Vibrating
Using 10 patterns of pulsation, vibration, and escalation to choose from, nipple play has never felt this amazing! Choose the desired tension and adjust the rubber coated clamps until they're nice and snug. Select a function and let the tingly...
The Ultimate Fantasy Travel Briefcase Restraint & Bondage Play Kit - Burgundy
The Traveler 10 piece Restraint and Bondage Play Kit. Includes: Mask, leash, collar, 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 2 cuff chains, 2 nipple clamps, ball gag, whip and paddle.
Frisky Passion Heart Gift Set - Red
Gift yourself and your lover with this Passionate set of delights! Everything you need for a night of passion is included in this heart shaped box: nipple clamps with heart shaped weights, a powerful multi-speed vibrator, a buzzing cock ring,...
The 9's Orange Is The New Black Triple Your Pleasure Clamps & Chain
Orange is the New Black. Triple your pleasure clamps and chain. Sexy women's nipple and clitoral clamp with stainless steel chain. From Icon Brands.
Master Series Charmed Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps - Red
These easy to use clamps have a simple screw-down design, accented with heart shaped padlock detailing. The vinyl coated tips allow for a comfortable and secure grip while the red lacquered heart accent dangles enticingly from the end. The screws...
Master Series Monarch Noir Nipple Vice
Harness your punishing power with the Monarch Noir Nipple Vice by Master Series...A timeless classic the Monarch Nipple Vice provides a light initial sensation until the chain is pulled. They become increasingly harsh, clamping down harder as more pressure is...
Steamy Shades Y-style Deluxe Beaded Nipple Clamps - Black-silver
Beaded body chain with attached nipple and clit clamps, perfect for hands-free stimulation, couples friendly, tweezer-style clamps are adjustable, coated tips for comfort and prolonged wear. From Steamy Shades.
Sincerely Teardrop Nipple Clips
The pair of sparkling teardrop crystals at the end of each 18 inch (45.72cm) bejeweled chain look inviting . The only tears that will be shed this night will be those of unbridled passion. From Sincerely by Sportsheets.
Sincerely Black Jeweled Nipple Clips
The rich black beads are pleasing to the eye, and the 16.5 inch (41.91cm) strand reflects even the slightest bit of light in the darkest of rooms. To see them sparkle, and hear the rhythmic rattling of the slender chain...
Sincerely Bling Nipple Clips
This 20 inch (50.8cm) doubled strand of sparkling bling will give you a formal feeling while the rubber-tipped nipple clips serve as a constant reminder that all are entitled to feeling a little pain with their pleasure. From Sincerely by...
Sexperiments Tug On My Heart Nipple Clamps
Great for hands free erotic stimulation. Perfect for beginners. Rings slide down the shaft of the tweezer-like clip for "as snug as you like" sensations, while the chain drapes across your abdomen. Features soft pads at the ends for added...
Sexperiments Ruby Black Nipple Clamps
New to nipple play? These Nipple Clips are perfect for the beginner. Rings slide down the shaft of the tweezer-like clip for "as snug as you like" sensation. Soft pads at end for added comfort or remove for different sensations....
Sex & Mischief Nipple Clamps W-collar
The Sportsheets Collar with Nipple Clamps. Gorgeous, vegan leather collar with attached nipple clamps provides constant stimulation. Soft, double-layered, hand-stitched, PVC collar adjusts with a quality, roller buckle closure. The two coated nipple clamps have tension adjustments and are attached...
Sex & Mischief Chained Nipple Clamps
The Sex & Mischief Chained Nipple Clamps. One pair of coated nipple clamps, with tension adjustments, are attached by a nickel-free, 13? chain. At only 1.1 ounces, they are perfect for nipple stimulation and many other sensitive areas.
Spartacus Pu Collar W-nipple Clamps - Green
Spartacus PU Collar with Nipple Clamps. Green PU on outside and Red PU inside collar. Gold accents and chains to nipple clamps.
Spartacus Adjustable Black Tweezer Nipple Clamps W-chain
Entice your senses! Excellent for beginners, these adjustable black Tweezer Clamps from Spartacus can deliver a feather-light touch or a tight pinch. Tug on the attached chain for added sensation.
Spartacus Black Butterfly Style Nipple Clamps W-chain
These butterfly clamps sting like a bee! These Butterfly Clamps from Spartacus are for serious fans of nipple play. Luxurious and elegant, these clamps are not for the faint of heart. And pulling on the attached chain only increases the...
Spartacus Adjustable Alligator Nipple Clamps W-link Chain
The Spartacus Adjustable Alligator nipple clamps deliver a tantalizing pinch that you'll definitely notice. In the adjustable style, the skinny tips deliver localized pressure as lightly or as tightly as you choose.
Spartacus Black Beaded Clit Clamps
Looking for a delicate toy that really delivers? The black Beaded Clit Clamps from Spartacus are fully adjustable and go from simply pretty to pretty intense with their tweezer-style clamp and rubber tips and grips for comfortable and confident hold.