Crystal Jellies Anal Delight Trainer Kit - Purple
Explore your backdoor with confidence! With a small and medium plug, the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Trainer Kit is the perfect fit for anal play beginners. The small plug is 3.5" in diameter with 3.75" insertable length, the large...
Master Series Triple Juicers Silicone Anal Trainer Set - Black
Three juicy anal plugs for all levels of backdoor play! Uniquely shaped for a provocative fill - the star shaped body provides high peaks and deep valleys for your backdoor to squeeze and enjoy. The cushy and squeezable silicone body...
Master Series Dark Curved Anal Trainer - Black 3 Piece Set
Elevate your anal pleasure with these 3 velvety drops, designed for easy anal pleasure for all skill levels! These tempting droplets are plush, firm, and shaped for peak satisfaction, providing your backdoor with a satisfying round mass for your booty...
Master Series Triple Tapered Silicone Anal Trainer - Black Set Of 3
Plug your ass with a trainer set designed for easy entry! These tall Spires reach deep without discomfort due to their tapered shape and allow you to play at your own pace with the graduated sizes. Train or play in...
Mood Pride Anal Trainer Set - Multi Colored Set Of 3
The Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Set in premium silicone is now available in rainbow confetti. This pack includes the best-selling Mood Naughty butt plug in three sizes: 3, 4, and 5 inches. This colorful set is perfectly shaped and sized...
Mood Naughty 1 Anal Trainer Set - Set Of 3 - Pink
How naughty do you want it? The Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Set in premium silicone includes our bestselling original Mood Naughty butt plug in three graduated sizes. Measuring at 3, 4, and 5 inches, this set is perfectly shaped and...
Lux Active Lx1 5.75" Silicone Anal Trainer - Dark Blue
Drop everything and lose all inhibitions with LX1 - Lux® Active's advanced anal trainer that provides an unparalleled experience that was specifically designed for perineum stimulation. Anatomically sculpted for your body's needs, the LX1 features strategically placed curves and bends...
Blush Jet Anal Trainer Kit - Carbon Metallic Black
Ready to take a dive into extreme anal exploration? The Jet Anal Trainer Kit will help your body safely acclimate to major length and girth! Start small and work your way up to large. Jet plugs feel soft and realistic....
My Heart Will Go On Plug Set - Jewelry Of The Sea
Jewel Adorned Anal Plug for anal training. 3 piece set comes with three different sizes of butt plugs. Tapered for easy insertion. The ends feature a blue jewel on the flared end.
Sold Out
Shane's World Anal 101 Intro Beads - Pink
The jelly beads have diameters ranging from .375" to .875". They are slim and sized for the novice yet fun for the advanced anal connoisseur too! The handy retrieval ring avoids the lost and found. Shane's World(TM) Anal 101 Intro...
Adam & Eve Glass Anal Training Trio
Adam and Eve Glass Anal Training Trio from Evolved Novelties. Perfect for backdoor training and retraining! For those new to anal play or experienced pros graduating glass plugs make it easy! Work pelvic floor muscles for better control, strength and...
Master Series Rimming Anal Training Set Of 3 - Black
The perfect training kit for beginners to booty play! Enjoy 2 different textures in 2 different sizes for proper anal training for beginners and an excellent warm up option for booty veterans. Included with this 4 pack is a bullet...
His Prostate Training Kit - Black
His Prostate Training Kit has everything he will need. Includes a powerful multi-speed stimulator. A superior silicone pinpoint probe with curved base for comfort and fit. A solid sturdy silicone beaded probe with retrieval loop. Silicone prostate probe with support...
Silicone Gem Anal Kit - Black
Open the door of thrilling anal sensation with the Silicone Gem Anal Exerciser Kit. This glamorous kit includes a set of 3 graduated anal plugs with a gem base to let you safely and comfortably increase passionate anal stimulation. To...
Silicone Anal Exerciser Kit - Black
Open the door of thrilling anal sensation with the Silicone Anal Exerciser Kit. This kinky kit includes a set of 3 graduated anal plugs let you safely and comfortably increase passionate anal stimulation. To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of...
Silicone Anal Starter Kit
Ease yourself into thrilling anal sensation with the Silicone Anal Starter Kit. This naughty kit includes a set of 3 graduated tapered anal plugs meant to let you safely and comfortably increase passionate anal stimulation. To enjoy everything the exhilarating...
Firefly Anal Trainer Kit - Multicolor
Your training starts now! Featuring 3 sizes of flexible anal plugs- Firefly's trainer kit provides an enjoyable way to expand your sexual limits. Made of odorless TPE, the plugs have strong suction cups and can be used with all lubricants....
Jelly Rancher Butt Plug Trainer Kit - Multicolor
Your training starts now! Featuring three sizes of flexible anal plugs, Jelly Ranchers Trainer Kit provides an enjoyable way to expand your sexual limits.The plugs have strong suction-cups and can be used with all lubricants. Material: TPE Color: Multicolor Product...
Glas 3 Pc Glass Anal Training Kit
If you're looking to take the next big step in anal play, then an anal training set is a must-have. This 3-piece glass anal training set will take you through three different levels of anal play to prepare you for...
Evolved Anal Delights - Black
Explore your anal fantasies with the booty training kit that gives you three steps to satisfying backdoor pleasure! Start small with the first size using plenty of lubricant and slip the tapered tip in slowly, allowing your body to get...
B-vibe Anal Education Set - Teal
The Ultimate 7-Piece Set Delivers Best of b-Vibe With Premium Selection of Plugs, Accessories and Complete Guide to Anal Play. b-Vibe's comprehensive collection of anal pleasure products is expanding with the addition of the 7-Piece Anal Training & Education Set,...
Lux Active Equip Silicone Anal Training Kit - Dark Blue
LUX Active's Equip is luxury set ready for all of your anal endeavors, especially if you're a beginner! What's exactly inside this incredible kit? Let's start with the 3 silky smooth, multi-sized silicone anal plugs, which allows the user to...
Blush Luxe Bling Plugs Training Kit - Pink W/white Gems - Black W/rainbow
Your anal training play just got pretty with this sweet set of Bling Plugs! Starting with the small size for beginners, you can slowly graduate to the medium size and then to the large size when you are fully comfortable....
Blush Anal Adventures Basic Plug Kit - Black
For anyone looking to explore new anal sensations alone or with a partner! Anal Adventures provides many anatomically targeted options to choose from. The Basic Plug Kit includes 3 graduated plugs for convenient anal training. Their tapered shapes are easy...
Blush Luxe Night Rimmer Kit - Black
Need a little training? Blush's Candy Rimmer kit comes with 3 plugs ranging from small to large. An anal training kit is the most effective way to get acquainted with anal play. Starting with the smallest size for beginners you...
Blush Luxe Candy Rimmer Kit - Fuchsia
Need a little training? Blush's Candy Rimmer kit comes with 3 plugs ranging from small to large. An anal training kit is the most effective way to get acquainted with anal play. Starting with the smallest size for beginners you...
Adam & Eve Silicone Booty Boot Camp Training Kit
Recruit your backdoor for a mission you'll never forget! Adam & Eve's complete anal training kit comes with 3 smooth and flexible silicone anal plugs, sized from beginner to expert. Start with the 4.5" small plug's tapered tip. Work your...
Ohmibod Lovelife Krush Smart Kegel Exerciser
Your strength is your foundation! For women, strength isn't a choice. It's a way of life. Lovelife Krush Kegel exerciser helps strengthen the pelvic floor, which weakens over time due to childbirth and age. Equipped with built-in sensor technology &...
Lelo Beads Plus
Turn up the intensity on pleasure! Lelo Beads Plus is a luxurious set of six interchangeable weighted beads for a variety of pelvic floor strength training combinations. The beads gently vibrate kinetically in response to your body's movements so can...
Adam & Eve Anal Training Kit
Graduate from booty beginner to anal expert with Adam & Eve's Anal Training Kit! Three different sizes of soft black TPR plugs let you start off small and work your way up to big anal pleasure. Each features a tush-tapping...

What Is an Anal Training Kit?

If you've never experienced backdoor pleasures, you'll want to ease your way in before jumping into butt sex or pegging.  An anal training kit is a sexy, fun way to prep for anus stimulation. These toys are perfect for any person of any gender or sexual orientation eager to explore the stimulating sensations of penetration of the anus. A butt plug training kit will gradually loosen your anus to prepare it for penetration. Kits usually include three plugs of increasing size. Larger kits may also include beads or even a dildo trainer.  If you're a proper beginning to booty play, then make sure you're using lots of water-based lube. The anus doesn't naturally produce lubricant, so you'll have an unpleasant time without breaking out the bottle.  These kits can be just for fun too! Even if you don't plan on having penile penetration back there, you can still use a small beginner anal dildo for stimulation. Butt toys are great for solo masturbation and an erotic way to experiment with your partner. 

How Can You Benefit From an Anal Training Kit? 

There's a lot of fun in store with your anal training set. Check out how butt stuff can drastically improve your sex life:

Get Your Butt Comfy

Anal training kits prepare your hole for the goal. Having something significant up your backside might not be so comfortable at first. Discomfort doesn't necessarily mean you don't like it, but your body hasn't become accustomed to the feeling.  An anal sex starter kit will help you see how comfortable your butt is with stimulation in the first place. By working your way up in size and girth, you can help yourself relax and see what works best for you. 

A New Type of Orgasm 

For those with a penis, your anal training set can help stimulate your prostate, which is ultra-sensitive and can lead to life-changing orgasms. You should especially consider the vibrating anal training toys!  If you have a vagina, you can also experience an intense orgasm from butt play. Plus, depending on your position, it may expose your clit and vagina for extra attention. 

Boosts Vaginal Pleasure

An anal training toy isn't only beneficial for the anus—it also can change the vaginal canal's width. Using a butt plug while indulging in vaginal penetration can make the sensations in both areas even more pleasurable.  You can play around with different dildo trainer sizes to see what feels best. 

Ultra Inclusive

Do you have a butt? Well, great news—you can experiment with anal dildo training toys. They're not gender-specific and let you see if backdoor play is for you.  It's especially great for those newly interested in the idea. Using a tongue or finger around someone's anus may be too big of a step, and nerves can make some people hesitant. Anal trainers can help ease those inhibitions and let you focus on the fun.

What Are the Types of Anal Trainers?

Sex toys are all about variety, and it's no different with an anal trainer. Your butt plug can vary in size, shape, appearance, and sensation. 



The anal trainer sets stretch your hole for butt sex, so they'll typically have thick necks to help in this area. Most kits are the traditional bulbed plug, but a few sets will have dildo trainers shaped like a penis.  If you have a prostate, you'll find anal plug training kits created explicitly for prostate stimulation. These are more curved and abstract than a traditional butt plug bulb. 


Materials can vary, but the most common kind are silicone, stainless steel, and glass. These materials are non-porous, meaning they don't retain bacteria so long as you clean them well.  Choosing your material will depend on the sensation you want. Stainless steel is the heaviest, so you'll feel the toy at all times. Glass is smooth and has some weight. Glass trainers are the easiest for insertion and fullness. Silicone will have different degrees of firmness and weight. You can boil all three materials to sterilize them for easy cleaning.  


No one said your anal trainer couldn't be cute—butt plug kits have colors across the rainbow. Some even include attractive designs or sexy sayings on the plugs themselves!


Your anal training kit will include butt plugs that increase in size. The smallest is about the size of a thick finger and increases from there. How much it increases depends on the kit.  If you've already indulged in finger play, you can find kits with larger plugs. Just make sure you're ready before going beyond the trainer set sizes! 


An anal sex starter kit helps you get used to the sensations of having your anus filled and stretched. Specific kits may include beads or vibrators. Vibration is a fun, thrilling feeling, but we recommend it for those with previous booty experience.  You'll also find specially designed kits for both butt sex prep and prostate stimulation. 

Shop the Joy Love Doll Anal Training Kits Today

Are you looking to dive into some anus exploration? We don't blame you. Backdoor stimulation is an unbeatable sensation. To start getting ready, or to have a little fun, check out the Joy Love Doll anal trainer collection. 

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