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Men's Thongs – Best Men's Lingerie – Joy Love Dolls

Men's Thongs

What do you wear when you're sexy and you know it? Men's thongs can help you feel more confident in your body, arouse your partner, and really spice up time in the bedroom. However, they're also very comfortable and practical underwear for wearing day-to-day. Once you've spent a full day...

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What do you wear when you're sexy and you know it? Men's thongs can help you feel more confident in your body, arouse your partner, and really spice up time in the bedroom. However, they're also very comfortable and practical underwear for wearing day-to-day. Once you've spent a full day at work wearing a man thong under your work pants, you might realize that there's a spring in your step you never had wearing briefs or boxer shorts. Check out the amazing range of male thong underwear at Joy Love Dolls today.

Men's Thongs – Best Men's Lingerie – Joy Love Dolls

What are Male Thongs?

People sometimes mistakenly consider sexy thongs to just be women's underwear. However, thongs are also designed for men. Thong underwear helps hold everything in place, which many people find more comfortable. The support can also have long-term benefits in preventing sagging.

The design usually consists of a waistband and a strip of fabric that wraps under the crotch. This is often ultra-thin at the back to rest between the buttocks and wider as it comes through the middle to support and cover your genitals. There are many design options – some clip together and can be removed simply by pulling hard, while other men thongs are designed for comfortable all-day wear. 

A sexy men thong gives a provocative, alluring appearance in the same way that women wear sexy bras (and other underwear!). Concealing but revealing is the name of the game – if you've ever wondered why men don't get sexy clothes like women, you've just not been looking in the right places. Men's thongs have it all.

Advantages of Men's Thong Underwear

Not sure if you're the type of guy that would look good or feel confident in men's thong underwear? Here's why choosing a male thong is a great option for your everyday life, and of course, in the bedroom.

Comfortable to Wear

Boxer shorts and briefs tend to bunch up or pull tight when sitting down. It's annoying having to straighten out your underwear throughout the day – say goodbye to this hassle when you start wearing a man thong.

Some men's thongs, such as jockstraps, are made of sturdier fabric and are designed to hold everything in place. They'll never bunch up,  and as long as the fit is right, they won't slip off.

There are also different material options depending on the level of warmth you prefer. Thinner, more breathable materials prevent your private area from overheating if this is a concern, while thicker fabrics can keep out cold breezes in the winter. Male thongs are simply one of the most comfortable underwear options around.

Feeling Confident

If you're wearing a sexy man thong under your everyday clothes, or even a practical option, you'll be amazed at how different it can feel. Underwear doesn't have to be a forgettable necessity – it can be hidden from view but is still a powerful part of how you know you look.

Nobody will know why, but everyone notices the confident aura you exude when you start feeling sexier and more secure. Men's thongs can have surprising benefits to your mindset.

Showing Off the Front

The front part of a male thong is where much of the action is – it hides the goods in a provocative and fun way. Some models have padding or are made of thick materials such as leather to enlarge your bulge, but that's all part of the show. The sexy bras found on our Sino Dolls do the same thing. Sexy underwear is supposed to augment what you've got.

Alternatively, softer fabrics and invisible men's thongs can not-so-subtly reveal what's underneath. Invisible men's thongs or partially see-through materials are popular for bedroom play, such as striptease or introducing sex toys into your love life.

Showing Off the Back

Guys sometimes forget that their partners find their butts just as sexy as you find theirs! Dress up and tease your partner with what they want to see by wearing a sexy man thong. It might come as a surprise at first, but discovering there's a part of you that you never considered “sexy” is just another great way to find confidence in your body.

Fun in Sex Play

Tear-off men's thongs are a frequent choice for striptease and bedroom play. This is because they can avoid that slightly awkward moment when things are hot and heavy before you try to rush out of your briefs and trip over them. Pull-down options make it way easier to get right to the action.

Types of Men Thongs

Fabric Men's Thongs

These are built for a blend of comfort and aesthetic appeal. They're usually made of light, breathable fabric. You can take them on and off by stepping in or sometimes clipping them together. Fabric options are perhaps the most popular style of all – there are so many choices and styles.


A jockstrap typically leaves the buttocks exposed and open but offers more coverage at the front. Traditionally used in sport, jockstraps have the additional appeal of being associated with a “uniform,” which can be very appealing in bedroom play.

Invisible Men's Thongs

Invisible or semi-transparent options leave little to the imagination. They're just there to hold everything in place and give a great view of the goods. These models are amazing for boosting your confidence.


G-strings tend to have an incredibly thin back and fairly little material at the front. They're a classic type of sexy underwear and are usually made from thin, breathable materials.

Enhancing Men Thongs

These men's thongs are designed to boost up what you've already got. They can be a super-sexy part of bedroom play and are often favored by male strippers for this reason – there's nothing wrong with feeding the imagination.

Shop Men's Thongs on Joy Love Dolls Today

We make it easy to try this incredibly comfortable type of men's underwear when you shop from our collection. You'll be amazed by how it can boost your confidence. 

Buy men's thongs from Joy Love Dolls today – you'll never go back to briefs in the bedroom!

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