Vedo Hummer 2.0 Masturbator - Black
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Vedo Hummer 2.0 Masturbator - Black
Hummer transforms the everyday BJ. This fully automatic super powerful suction masturbator boasts up to 109 suction impulses per minute. Whether you like it slow and easy or fast and furious, you determine the hummer you want. With 5 intensity...
$641.19 $457.99
Vedo Hummer Transform Your Bj Masturbator - Just Black
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Vedo Hummer Transform Your Bj Masturbator - Just Black
Hummer transforms the everyday BJ. This fully automatic super powerful suction masturbator boasts up to 109 suction impulses per minute. Whether you like it slow and easy or fast and furious, you determine the hummer you want. With 5 intensity...
$447.99 $319.99
Adam Eve Eve's Warming Trusting Prostate Probe - Black
Explore you prostate with a P-spot vibe that offers a world of unique sensations! Its powerful vibrations and bulby shaft are made to give your booty a buzz-worthy blast of pleasure - but that's only half the story. Activate the...
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Naked Addiction The Freak 7.5" Rotating & Thrusting Vibrating Dong - Ivory
If you want a crazy, unparalleled experience, the search is over! Introducing the latest addition to the Naked Addiction family! At our headquarters, we call this one “The Freak” because it moves unlike any other rotating, vibrating or thrusting dong...
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Adam & Eves Vibrating & Sucking Stroker - Clear
Make your wildest blowjob fantasies come true - on demand, 24/7! Experience the mind-blowing thrills of a soft and stretchy stroker sleeve with Adam and Eve's Vibrating & Sucking Stroker. This stroker is perfect for oral sex fantasies since it...
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Pretty Love Temptation Passion Lady - Ivory
Get ready for a compact toy made of incredible sexflesh TPR material that offers a realistic experience in a portable size. This velvety soft masturbator features firm, rounded ass cheeks, an upturned pink pussy and tight anal entry to satisfy...
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Renegade Sphinx Warming Prostate Massager - Black
Introducing Sphinx - The ultimate men's pleasure center. Featuring a heated / vibrating / flexible prostate massager, a vibrating ball sac ring, 2 rechargeable motors and body safe luxurious silicone, the Sphinx can be used with the included wireless controller...
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Cyberskin Elite Jackhammer Pussy & Ass
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Cyberskin Elite Jackhammer Pussy & Ass - Light
The CyberSkin Elite Jackhammer offers the most realistic experience imaginable with a one-of-a-kind combination of hyper-realistic tugging, squeezing, and pulling motions that perform on you command. Feel every tight. massaging movement with the push of a button and enjoy the...
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Blush Dr. Skin Silicone Dr. Murphy 8" Thrusting Dildo - Chocolate
Enhance your pleasure with the push of a button with Dr. Murphy. This incredibly realistic dildo has 50 unique settings, 5 speeds and 10 thoughtfully created patterns per speed! It has full vibrating, thrusting, and gyrating power you can control...
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Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Hot Seat - Pink
Being in the hot seat has never felt so good! The Inflatable Pink Hot Seat from Fetish Fantasy Series holds up to 300 lbs. And includes a multi-speed vibrating dong, inflatable hot seat, and free satin love mask. Remote control...
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Lovense Max 2 Rechargeable Male Masturbator W- White Case - Clear Sleeve
AVAILABLE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY. Max 2 - revolutionizing male masturbators. Original multiple-sensation sleeve, extended vibrator, 360 degree contractions. Adjustable air vent allows you to control the suction. Accomodates most sizes and stimulates while you stroke. Use your smartphone as...
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Curve Novelties Big Shot 7" Vibrating 21x Silicone Dildo W-out Balls W-remote - Light
Curve Novelties Big Shot 7" Vibrating 21X Silicone Dildo without Balls with Remote. Made with softer and more flexible silicone formula. 21 functions include 3 speeds and 7 vibrating modes. Remote controlled up to 25 ft distance. Liquid Silicone Feels...
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Blush Dr. Skin Silicone Dr. Grey 7" Thrusting Dildo - Vanilla
Enhance your pleasure with the push of a button with Dr. Grey. This rechargeable, incredibly realistic dildo has a total of 50 thrusting, gyrating vibration functions. That's 5 speeds for each of the 10 unique vibrating patterns to choose from....
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Lovense Dolce (previously Quake) Adjustable Dual Stimulator - Pink
AVAILABLE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY. Quake is an adjustable dual vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs. Program 3 Steady Levels...
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Lovense Lush 2.0 Sound Activated Vibrator - Pink
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Lovense Lush 2.0 Sound Activated Vibrator - Pink
AVAILABLE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY. Lush 2, the most powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator! 4x more powerful than most love eggs, vibrating panties or remote control vibrators. Enjoy solo play with customizable modes by creating unlimited vibration patterns, sound activated...
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Screaming O Doubleo 6 Vibrating Double Cock Ring - Asst. Colors
The Screaming O DoubleO 6 vibrating erection ring features two specially positioned rings for an extra-secure fit - simply stretch one around the shaft and the other around the testicles. Featuring a super-powered bullet motor and raised pleasure ticklers, the...
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Remote Control Lace Thong Set - Black
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Remote Control Lace Thong Set - Black
Indulge in your newest dirty little secret with the Remote Control Lace Set. This sexy set includes a stretch-to-fit tie-on lace thong, curved panty teaser and a discreet remote control with a range of up to 32' (10 m). Whenever...
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Sensuelle Remote Control Rechargeable Bullet Ring - Blue
NU Sensuelle Remote Control 15-Function Bullet USB Rechargeable Cock Ring is Amazingly Powerful, yet discreet and quiet. -15 Functions -USB Rechargeable Bullet -USB Rechargeable Remote Control -Charge time: 1 hour -Running time: 40-60 minutes -Bullet Material ABS -Ring Material SEBS...
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Double Diver Vibrating Enhancer W-flexible Penetrator - Purple
Double your pleasure! The Double Diver Vibrating Enhancer with 4" x 1.25" Flexible Penetrator gives you the thrill of double penetration with the ease of a cock ring. Comes equipped with bullet vibrator for wireless vibrations to pleasure both partners....
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Renegade V2 W/remote
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Renegade V2 W/remote - Black
Renegade V2 W/remote - Black
$88.89 $63.49

What Is a Bluetooth Vibrator?

If you enjoy feeling good, there's a high chance you already own a vibrator. You know, the one you slip into your bag on overnight trips to your partner's apartment. As good as a traditional vibrator can make you feel, its battery operation can seem a bit dated. Luckily, that's where Bluetooth vibrators step in. These Bluetooth sex toys don't require batteries to get up and running. All you have to do is charge it via a USB port before you plan on getting busy. Once you're in the bedroom, you can enable your wireless sex toy's Bluetooth connectivity. Then, hand your mobile device off to your partner and let them take control. Are you on your own for the night? That's no problem, as you can control your phone yourself. Our Bluetooth sex toys are designed to stimulate all your and your partner's feel-good areas. Some resemble dildos, while remote vibrators are designed for anal or nipple play.  A wireless sex toy offers endless possibilities, as you'll discover below.

What Are the Benefits of a Remote Control Vibrator?

So, what's all the hype about Wi-Fi sex toys? Below, you can explore the various benefits of Bluetooth toys:

Water Resistance

Try as you might, staying dry during sex isn't an achievable goal. Plenty of factors can get in the way (like your or your partner's arousal, for one). There's also the possibility of foreplay by the beach or shower sex. No matter your preferences, you'll likely encounter some liquid at one point or another. Does sex's affinity for water mean you'll have to kick remote control vibrators out of your sex toy arsenal? Absolutely not! Bluetooth sex toys are made with water-resistant materials, and the charging ports are well protected.

Easy to Use Have you ever hooked up your headphones wirelessly to your phone? The concept is the exact same with Bluetooth sex toys, except the end result leads to a different kind of hooking up.  You won't have to be a tech genius to ensure you have an unforgettable time with a remote control vibrator. If you can open a phone app and turn on your Bluetooth, you can thoroughly enjoy a remote-controlled vibrator. Just make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal before you get down and dirty, as a poor Internet connection can really kill the mood.

Music Incorporation

Music during intercourse is a must for many sex enthusiasts. It gets the blood flowing, increases arousal, and calms any nerves you may have. So, what gets you in the mood? Is it Mazzy Star's idyllic ballad Fade Into You? Or do you prefer Bruce Springsteen's more scandalous hit I'm On Fire? Whatever you want to listen to, you can get your Bluetooth sex toy involved. Pick the song you want in your phone app, and the remote control vibrator will pulsate to the beat of the music. How neat is that?

Long Distance Capabilities

Are you and your partner doing the long-distance thing? Forget about hopping on daily FaceTime calls and sending your sweetheart flowers through a delivery service. Bridge the physical gap with a phone-controlled vibrator.  A remote vibrator will let one partner take the lead and allow the other to sit back and enjoy. Even if you can't hold your partner as you let loose, they can have a hold over you (with consent, of course). Once your partner has access to the app, they can control the speed of the long-distance vibrator. Slow down, speed up, take breaks — your partner will work you toward one of the most unpredictable and exciting orgasms of your life. And, they can do so when they're hundreds of miles away. You and a lover can still benefit from a Wi-Fi vibrator even if you live in the same ZIP code. Does either of you have a dull work meeting coming up? Chances are, you'll need some adventure to make it through without falling asleep. Have the partner attending the meeting wear an app-controlled vibrator. The other lover can drive them insane by starting and stopping the toy's pulsations. This kind of Bluetooth sex toy makes for excellent foreplay and will give you both something to look forward to when you finally arrive home.

No Batteries

Finding the right batteries for a traditional vibrator can be a hassle. What battery type does your vibrator even take? Double-A? Triple-A? If sex is on your mind, you might only be able to conjure Double D's. When you own a remote vibrator, these worries will escape you — there's no need to fumble with batteries and find the right ones. As long as you charge your Bluetooth toy beforehand, you'll be set to go.  Do you have a lot of stamina? A Bluetooth remote-controlled vibrator can last for up to two hours or even longer on a single charge, meaning you won't have to cut your sexy session short.

Quiet Operation

The best remote control vibrator operates quietly, granting you the privacy you deserve. When you pull out your Bluetooth vibrator with remote, you'll never have to worry about getting caught. Unstifled moans will be the only telltale signs that a Wi-Fi sex toy is nearby.

Various Settings

Slow and steady wins the race for some, while others are sprinters when it comes to sex. When you use remote control sex toys in the bedroom, you can adjust the speed to whatever gets you off.  As you're engaging in sexual activities, it's pretty easy to play with your Bluetooth sex toy's variable speeds. You don't even have to reach down to where the Bluetooth remote vibrator is — just open your phone and tap the screen. It's even simpler than sending the You up? text that landed you in your partner's bed in the first place.

What Are the Types of Remote Sex Toys?

Don't you just control a Bluetooth sex toy with your phone? How many types could there possibly be? The answer may surprise you — a lot. Below, we'll explore the different kinds of remote vibrators to help you determine which Bluetooth product is right for you.

Wearable Bluetooth Sex Toys

The best wearable vibrator will fit your anatomy perfectly. Wear one and enjoy the pulsations yourself, or select a thrusting dildo to use on a partner. In any case, a wearable vibrator will help you embrace your sexuality and learn what you enjoy in the bedroom. The best part? A wearable Bluetooth toy comes with an accompanying harness, meaning you'll never risk losing your rhythm as the night goes on.

Large Bluetooth Sex Toys

App-controlled sex toys are designed with maximum pleasure in mind. Our collection at Joy Love Dolls features Bluetooth sex toys of various girths and lengths to fill you optimally. Find products that range from 5 to 16 inches in length, and select ones that rotate, pulsate, or thump. You can even choose from a thrusting dildo or aneros toy, depending on your preferences.

G-Spot and Clitoral-Centric Bluetooth

Vibrators Some of our remote control bullet vibrators cater specifically to vulva owners. These Bluetooth toys focus on G-spot or clitoral stimulation, which is sometimes hard to achieve with masturbation, penetrative sex, or oral sex.

Nipple Stimulation Bluetooth Sex Toys

The best remote vibrator may not stimulate the anus, penis, or vagina at all. Some of our Bluetooth sex toys have nipple stimulation on the mind. They attach to your (or your partner's) nipples for some exciting foreplay.

Handheld vs. Floor-Mounted Bluetooth Sex Toys

Technically, Bluetooth sex toys are hands-free. But, they don't have to be if you want to get in on the action. Here at Joy Love Dolls, we carry handheld and floor-mounted Bluetooth vibrators. A Bluetooth handheld toy will let a partner get up close and personal, while a vibrating suction cup dildo is perfect for solo sessions in the shower.

Browse the Best Bluetooth Sex Toys Today!

Are you ready to really connect with your partner (or yourself) via a Bluetooth sex toy? Now that you've read all about the benefits of wireless vibrators, you'll be ready to try one out for yourself. Shop our collection of the best remote sex toys today!

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