The Kiiroo sex toy collection has something for everyone.  You can feel your favorite porn star, like Asa Akira or Jessica Drake, with the Kiiroo Onyx 2 or Kiiroo Titan. You can make your clit quiver with the Kiiroo Cliona external massager. You can even engage in couples play with...

The Kiiroo sex toy collection has something for everyone.  You can feel your favorite porn star, like Asa Akira or Jessica Drake, with the Kiiroo Onyx 2 or Kiiroo Titan. You can make your clit quiver with the Kiiroo Cliona external massager. You can even engage in couples play with the couple sets, including a Bluetooth controlled-pocket pussy and the Kiiroo Pearl.  Whatever your vice, our Kiiroo collection has you covered.

Teen Sex Dolls

What Is the Kiiroo Sex Toy Collection? 

The real question is — what isn't this collection? These toys are high-tech sex machines, offering a sensual experience for everyone. They started in the sensual toy scene after the brand partnered with Fleshlight to craft the Kiiroo Launch and Onyx.  Years after the company's excellent introduction, it continues to produce body-safe, realistic feeling toys for everyone.  Every toy, from the Kiiroo Onyx 2 to the Kiiroo Pearl, includes the following:  Two hours of playtime at full charge The ability to create a personalized couple's set by mixing and matching any of the toys in this collection The FeelConnect App allows for wireless play with your partner Totally discreet shipping (your business remains 100% your business)

What Types of Toys Does Kiiroo Have?

This company has it all. You'll definitely find something perfect for you and all your pleasure points.  Each is sculpted from body-safe materials and equipped with plenty of controllable vibrating settings. Trust us; you won't be disappointed.  See below for a look at a few of the most popular toys. 

Onyx 2 Pocket Pussy 

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 or Onyx+ is a significant step-up from the original Onyx pocket pussy. The improved texture and design give users a tight, comfortable grip you won't want to miss.  This updated toy can reach 140 strokes per minute, but you're free to control the speed. Its rotating motor moves up and down the shaft for full intercourse simulation. Additionally, you'll find 10 contracting rings and a replaceable (but reusable) sleeve for total comfort.  It includes 3 ways to play:  Interactive or partner-mode for an intimate couple experience Manual mode, where you use the touch-based pad to control the strokes Automatic mode, giving you a hands-free solo experience Note while this toy is not waterproof, it's easy to clean. Just remove the sleeve and wipe it down!

Titan Interactive Experience

The Kiiroo Titan is a handheld interactive stroker with an astounding vibrating sensation. This toy features pre-programmed sequence speeds, including: Auto Blow Endurance Pulse Targeted Additionally, it pairs with 4,000+ interactive videos from all your favorite porn stars. You can even hook the Kiiroo Titan to your VR headset to live out your wildest fantasies.  For long-distance lovin' with your partner, simply connect the device to the FeelConnect App on your mobile device. All these products can sync together! 

Pearl 2 Internal Vibrators 

Get your G-spot ready — the Kiiroo Pearl 2 is here.  With 7 vibration modes, you can take it low and slow or rev up her engine. It includes pulse features and even comes with touch-sensitive technology that really responds.  The toy's sensors will react to your body's movements, increasing or decreasing its vibrations as needed. You can even create a fully customizable experience by programming your own patterns.  The Pearl 2 is wonderfully long, and that G-spot vibrator? Well, let's say your legs will be shaking. Like all of this collection's toys, you can interact with your partner via FeelConnect. Perfect for long-distance fun or mutual masturbation.  And unlike the strokes, this toy is waterproof. 

Couple Sets

From the Kiiroo Launch to to the Onyx, all these toys are made for each other. Feel free to buy separate products or indulge in a matching set.  There's the classic Kiiroo Pearl 2 & Onyx 2, which include both of those pleasurable products.  You'll also find the Onyx 2 paired with the Cliona, which  an external massaging vibrator. 

Additional Toys & Accessories In This Collection

You thought we were done? Nice try. Those were just the highlights.  This collection also includes:  Kiiroo Kleon. This stroker is similar to a blowjob machine in that it creates true-to-life sensations. You can even equip it with Feel, a stroker with skin-like material. Kiiroo Cliona. This external vibrator is sure to be your clit's new BFF. A thick Cock & Ball Ring. When you realize this toy came about from a PornHub partnership, that's when you know it's good. The PornHub Turbo Butt Play and Cock Ring. And yes, both of these toys vibrate. As you can see, Joy Love Dolls has all the Kiiroo bases covered. 

Benefits of a Kiiroo Toy

These tech-powered toys offer a lot of advantages to your sex life. Here's an non-exhaustive list of all the beautiful things in store after you throw one of these toys into the mix. 

Build Stamina 

Our Kiiroo Onyx 2 review and our Kiiroo Titan rundown dropped some hints on these toys' practice potential.  Thanks to the long battery life, and your ability to control what's happening, you can use your new toy to help you last longer than ever. You'll love it, and so will your partner(s). 

Increased Intimacy 

Maintaining intimacy over long-distance is no easy feat. But thanks to the Kiiroo collection, you can feel connected no matter how many miles apart.  Simply connect your toys to the FeelConnect App and feel the irresistible touch of your partner from afar. 

You Can Have Control….Or You Can Lose It

You can program your own vibration and stroke patterns with the Kiiroo Pearl 2, Kiiroo Onyx 2, or Kiiroo Titan.  But if you prefer a more wild, realistic experience, then let the sensation technology take you for the ride of your lifetime. Any online Kiiroo Onyx 2 review praises the hands-free setting that lets you sit back and enjoy your experience. And the Pearl 2 is equipped with intuitive technology that increases and decreases vibration based on your body's responses. 

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