Trojan Pleasure Pack Condoms - Box Of 3
If you're wearing a condom anyway, you might as well bag it up in something that offers a little extra more pleasure! Pick up Trojan's Pleasure Pack. Pack includes 1 Ultra Thin condom, 1 Her Pleasure condom and 1 Shared...
Id Extra Large Condoms - Box Of 3
Three premium latex condoms from ID. These strong yet sensitive condoms are extra large for added comfort. Large and in charge.
Durex Avanti Real Feel Non Latex Condoms - Pack Of 3
Made from polyisoprene, Durex RealFeel condoms are engineered to provide a natural skin on skin feeling. 3 condoms per box.
Id Assorted Condoms - Jar Of 144
Jar of 144 ID Condoms. Includes an assortment of Superior Feel, Studded, Extra Thin, and Extra Large condoms.
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Titan - Pack Of 3
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Titan Straight Shape, Larger Size. Thinner. 3 condoms per box.
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Large - Pack Of 3
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Large. Straight Shape, Larger Size. Thinner. 3 condoms per box.
Durex Xxl Condoms - Pack Of 12
Durex XXL condoms, pack of 12. Extra Long, Extra Wide. Straight Shaft .Nominal Width: 64mm
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Large - Pack Of 12
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Large. Straight Shape, Larger Size. Thinner. 12 condoms per box.
Lifestyles Skyn Large Non-latex
Lifestyles SKYN Large is a larger size condom made from polyisoprene - a scientifically formulated non-latex material that really is the closest thing to wearing nothing! Box of 12.
Kimono Micro Thin Large Condom
Kimono MicroThin Large Condom. You asked for it, and we listened. America's Thinnest Large Condom means you can enjoy more comfort without sacrificing thinness. To make the best large condom, we've added extra room where it matters the most- the...
Durex Classic - Box Of 3
Durex Classic Condoms are Extra Large for big Pleasure. The fitted shape is easy to get on and offers more head room and comfort. Nominal width 56mm 3 condoms per box
One The Legend Xl Condoms - Box Of 3
The Big One. ONE Legend allows larger-sized men to reach their peak performance. A unique, easy-roll shape features a little extra breathing room at the base and tip to enhance comfort. We've also ensured a secure fit in the middle,...
Trojan Magnum Xl Lubricated Condom - Box Of 12
Ever feel like you need a little extra room to maneuver? These condoms by Trojan do just the trick! The large "Magnum" size and lubrication provide extra space and sensitivity. Get the right fit to reduce chances of pregnancy and...
Trojan Magnum Gold Collection - Box Of 3
Assortment of Trojan Magnum large size condoms.Contains 1 each of: Magnum Bareskin,Magnum Ecstasy,Magnum Original. 3 condoms per box
Trojan Magnum Xl - Pack Of 3
Trojan Magnum XL condoms; 30% larger than standard condoms.Tapered at base for a secure fit; silky-smooth lubricant for comfort.Made from premium quality latex; equipped with a special reservoir end to reduce risk.Each condom electronically tested.Please read all label information on...
Trojan Magnum Bareskin Condoms
Trojan Magnum BareSkin Lubricated Condoms. The thinnest Magnum condom, designed to provide heightened sensitivity and comfort. Wider, contoured shape for added comfort. Tapered at the base for a secure fit. Silky-smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. Made from premium quality...
Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms
Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms are designed to provide heightened stimulation for both partners. Spiral ribbing towards the tip to increase stimulation for the most sensitive area. Spiral ribbing towards the open end to increase stimulation for her most sensitive area....
Trojan Magnum Ecstasy Condoms
Trojan Magnum Ecstasy large-size condoms feature a revolutionary new design that let's you feel the pleasure, not the condom. The comfort shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience and is textured for female stimulation while being tapered...
Trojan Magnum Thin Condoms - Box Of 3
The Trojan Magnum Thin is a large size condom designed with a tapered base for a secure fit and ultimate pleasure! The condoms are made from premium quality latex. The silky smooth lubricant offers comfort and sensitivity. For extra safety,...
Trojan Magnum Condoms
The Trojan Magnum is a large size condom designed with a tapered base for a secure fit. The condom is made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risks. The silky smooth lubricant is for comfort and sensitivity. For...
Large Condoms - Most Wanted in 2022 - Joy Love Dolls

What is a Condom? 

Condoms are a form of protection from pregnancies and STD's. It comes in the form of a pouch. The material, usually made out of a type of rubber or latex, retains semen and protects you and your partner. 

For example, Magnum offers a tapered base which adds extra security to the base of your penis. Both the base and the tip provide extra space for comfort and maneuverability. 

Different Types of Condoms 

Various large size condoms provide different experiences and sensations that can pique your interest. Some will help you with ease of access, while others are meant to reinforce performance and sensitivity. 

Certain manufacturers will focus on security if you find yourself breaking many large condoms. 

If you're looking to make an impact on your performance while keeping your condom secure, check out the Joy Love Dolls large size condom collection. Here's a little more about what you can expect: 

Ultra-Thin XL Condoms 

Ultra-thin condoms strive to create the feeling of not wearing anything at all. Individuals who feel constricted by the tight rubbery feeling may want to pick these brands to help alleviate that claustrophobic sensation. 

Many manufacturers want to bridge the feeling of wearing nothing with the security of a strong, large-sized condom. 

Lubricated Condoms 

Condoms with added lubrication allow the wearer to slide into any situation with ease. These condoms specialize in enhancing the sensitivity of both the wearer and their partner. 

In addition, like ultra-thin condoms, these brands seek to achieve ease of access without the loss of security. Thus, giving you all the pleasure you want with peak confidence. 

These are several great condoms to pair with any size sex toy to match your performance.

Flavors & Sensations

Several large condom brands adhere to your tastes. If you're looking for a new sensation, or if you're seeking a unique type of pleasure, there's always a flavor for you. 

Some manufacturers might provide a condom with a tingling or icy sensation to increase pleasure. They may also add a texture or lubrication that induces a tingling sensation. 

In addition, some manufacturers specialize in edible or consumable condoms. This can add a spicy twist to any night of fun. 

How Big Are Condoms? 

Does size matter? Well, when it comes to the XL and XXL condom brands, sizes and purposes vary from brand to brand. 

Make sure you understand whether to look for XL or XXL when shopping for the right fit. XL condoms and XXL condoms offer a wide range of different sizes for girthier penises. 

What you would see as an XL for Magnum condoms may not necessarily equate to a Trojan condom size. Certain brands may compensate for wider heads and shafts as well. 

The average size of an XL is around 56-61mm in width. While XXL condom sets are closer to 60-64mm in width. 

In addition, the average XL condom size in length can reach anywhere from 200-220mm in length. Conversely, XXL can stretch from 200mm to over 230mm in length. So, make sure to read the packaging as it usually showcases all sizes in both length and width. 

Some individuals have different-sized tips of the penis, so you may need to account for a larger head. Many XL condoms provide a firm grip on the shaft of the penis to allow maximum performance. 

Most condoms are going to be longer at the shaft, so you want a little extra bit of condom material at the base of the penis. So, if the condom is fully unraveled halfway down the shaft, you'll need a bigger size.  

Research the Right Material

The latex material ensures your safety by reducing the risks of encountering any issues. It also includes an added reservoir at the tip to help keep everything intact.

The large condom sizes ease the flow of the action thanks to added lubrication, providing extra stimulation and support. Some condoms emphasize the amount of lubrication, while others complement a particular sensation.  

With their innovative design, Magnum's extra-large condoms size allows you to feel less of the condom and more of the feeling of pleasure. The fun goes both ways, as Magnum condoms provide more male and female stimulation.

Latex & Non-Latex

Certain packs are constructed from polyisoprene, an effective non-latex material that adds security. All while giving you the weightless feeling of wearing nothing at all.

There is a large influx of vegan-friendly brands that cater to more environmentally friendly lovers. If you or your lover has an allergic reaction to rubber or latex, you can also pick up specially marked non-latex XL condoms. 

Ribbed & Dotted

If you're a giving lover, you may want to try out ribbed and dotted condoms. These specialized packs provide enhanced stimulation for your lover using a distinct ribbed texture. 

These packages are a great way to keep yourself protected while providing peak pleasure for you and your partner. Joy Love Dolls offers condom packs that are electronically tested to provide peak pleasure. 

The large condom brands are notorious for discovering new ways to increase sensitivity for both men and women. Purchase a pack along with your favorite pair of men's lingerie.

Shop Joy Love Dolls for Large Condoms Today 

Now that you've reviewed all the different kinds of large condoms, you can be sure to find the right fit you or your partner will love. Whether you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom or experience new sensations, you'll find what you need at Joy Love Dolls. 

With a vast selection of large-size condoms that can fit any package, it can ease large condom shopping for any occasion. Explore Joy Love Dolls today to find all the best deals on all large-size condoms. 

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