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Dildos For Men - Best Sex Toys For Men - JoyLoveDolls

Dildos For Men

Male dildos are more popular than you'd believe — they can add a fun extra dimension to sex or make for super-enjoyable and intense masturbation. You can order a dildo for men discretely online and receive it in unmarked packaging for extra privacy.

Whether you're looking to spice up your...

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Male dildos are more popular than you'd believe — they can add a fun extra dimension to sex or make for super-enjoyable and intense masturbation. You can order a dildo for men discretely online and receive it in unmarked packaging for extra privacy.

Whether you're looking to spice up your sex life, explore a new part of yourself, or you know what you want and are just looking for a new toy, you'll find it at Joy Love Dolls. Shop from our range of male dildoes today.

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Best Dildos for Men

Dildos for men come in all sizes and various shapes, from ultra-realistic to curved designs that are ideal for prostate stimulation. They sometimes have additional features like a vibrating function or the capacity to hold fluid. Many can be used hands-free and attached to flat surfaces using a suction sticker, while others come as part of a strap-on that you can use with a partner. It's worth looking at different models before making your buying choice.

Types of Male Dildos

Below are some of the most popular designs for a dildo for men. 

Realistic Dildo for Men

Realistic models typically feature rubber or silicone. Rubber is often firmer and harder, giving it a more intense feeling when you're using it. Part of the realism is the veins and bumps along the toy's shaft, while some come with testicles at the end — it can be a super-exciting feeling when you're playing with these male dildos.

They come in many sizes and colors to suit your taste and fantasy. They can often be attached to a flat surface using suction, while the suction cup may also slot into strap-on harnesses.

Realistic Vibrating Male Dildos

For a bit of extra stimulation, you may wish to try a vibrating dildo for men. The vibrations can feel extremely intense around the perineum and the prostate, so handle with care! You can select your speed, and it's easy to adjust while using the toy.

This function means that you can enjoy waves of pleasure without having to adjust your position or reach around — take your fantasy to the next level with a realistic vibrating male dildo.

Prostate Male Dildo

These models stimulate the prostate, which is the key area for men to achieve an incredible anal orgasm. Their curvature and shape are often less bulky than realistic models, making them a great choice if you prefer smoother, easier insertion.

Get right to the business area and discover the ultimate in male pleasure with prostate male dildos. 

Pegging Dildos for Men

Pegging is an extremely popular bedroom activity and a great way to spice up your sex life. Pegging dildos for men are often ribbed and may be slightly more lightweight than realistic models to allow your partner better control when they're using the toy. However, pegging options can also be highly realistic and come as large as you want — there's a massive range of choices to indulge your fantasies.

Inflatable Male Dildos

Inflatable dildos for men can be so exciting for kink play. The device uses air to inflate while it's inside you, meaning that you can feel a girth that would never be possible if you or your partner inserted it whole. They're also very safe to use — the controls are straightforward, there's a safe maximum size, and it's easy to deflate at any time. 

Squirting Dildo for Men

Some ultra-realistic options let you fill them with fluid, usually in the testicles. You can release the fluid by squeezing, making them a super-exciting fantasy toy. This feature is available on all types of male dildos but is especially popular for strap-on models.

Benefits & Uses of Dildos for Men

Easy to Clean

As well as creating an incredible sexual experience, these toys are so easy to operate and maintain. They're also easy to clean in warm, soapy water using a cloth — always make sure you soak and rinse the cloth thoroughly after use. With models that can store fluid internally, you should regularly rinse them with warm, soapy water. 

Hands-Free Pleasure

You can attach most dildos for men to a flat surface, meaning that you don't have to reach behind your back or through your legs — we're not all contortionists! This suction-cup design lets you try out a variety of positions and keeps your hands free to help you enjoy masturbating.

Use with Strap-On

Many models fit a strap-on harness, meaning that you can use your favorite toy alone or with a sexual partner. They're incredibly versatile and a great way to explore new sexual options.

Feels Realistic (If You Choose)

Realistic options are great for indulging fantasies of a natural penis — the rubber or silicone warms up when it's inside you for an extremely lifelike feeling. Equally, prostate-stimulating models can give you incredible pleasure without a realistic feeling.


These toys are made from high-quality materials and last a long time. You don't need to worry about rubber or silicone perishing for many years.

Great for Experimenting

If you're learning about a new side of your sexual identity, male dildos are a great way to discover yourself safely. Whether you're exploring kinks or wondering if you'd like to try the real thing, these toys help men learn more about themselves everywhere. Affordable dildos are a great way to get started if you're unsure.

Choosing a Male Dildo

Below are a few considerations when making a choice.


If it's your first time, you might want to start small. However, for our size queens, the sky's the limit! The most important thing is to choose a size that feels comfortable for you.


Rubber is often firmer and more rigid than silicone but is still flexible. Silicone tends to be gentler but can still provide a super-intense experience.


Consider whether you want your male dildo to vibrate or squirt fluid. You might want one with testicles or to be sure that you can attach it to a surface. There are many fun features of male dildos - pick your favorite.

Shop discreetly for dildos for men online today. Check out our selection, pick your favorite, and explore your fantasies with Joy Love Dolls.

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