Fuck Friends Rico Suave Swinger Series Doll
Fuck Friends Swinger Series Love Doll Rico Suave. If your ideal man has defined abs, a sexy firm ass, and a hard on that just will not quit, then Rico is the man for you. This studly sex doll will...
Lux Fetish 4" Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug W-suction Base - Black
Enjoy customizable anal play with a plug that easily inflates with just the squeeze of the pump. This plug stimulates the backdoor with seven rumbly speeds of vibration, which can be easily controlled by its attached remote control. With its...
Large Silicone Inflatable Plug - Black
The CalExotics Large Silicone Inflatable Plug is a one-of-a-kind anal probe with inflatable body, easy squeeze bulb and detachable hose. The wickedly thrilling probe even stays inflated when the hose is detached! To inflate your ecstasy, simply attach the hose...
Anal Fantasy Collection Inflatable Silicone Plug
If you're an advanced anal player, this Pipedream Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug is just what you need to take your anal stimulation to the extreme! Featuring a tapered tip to ease insertion, the Inflatable Silicone Plug can expand your...
Anal Fantasy Collection Inflatable Silicone Ass Expander - Black
Lift the taboo associated with anal sex and discover incredible pleasure with our Anal Fantasy Collection. If you've never tried anal play, the Inflatable Silicone Ass Expander, from Pipedream, is just what you need to explore the amazing world of...
Bachelorette Party Favors Captain Pecker Inflatable
If you've never been to a party with an inflatable, penis-shaped punching bag, then you've never been to a great party. Captain Pecker, the Party Wrecker, is a critical addition to your arsenal of adult party supplies. It's perfect for...
Zero Tolerance Anal Bubble Butt - Burgundy
Now's your chance to bubble over with tantalizing back door pleasure! These vibrating inflatable anal balls slip inside while they're deflated, then puff up to the size you crave most, so you can enjoy a full girthy feeling without the...
Master Series Dark Inflator Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug - Black
Experience the eroticism of expansion in your ass! This inflatable butt plug starts out small with a tapered tip, making it great for those who are newer to anal play, or who simply prefer a slim insertion. Give the hand...
Colt Xxl Pumper Plug - Black
Colt XXL Pumper Plug is a pliable and durable silicone inflatable plug with superior suction cup base. Silicone plug inflates evenly. Features an EZ-squeeze bulb and quick air release valve. Made from silicone (probe, hose, bulb) and ABS (release valve)....
Colt Large Pumper Plug - Black
The COLT Large Pumper Plug from Cal Exotics. Pliable and durable Silicone inflatable plug with superior suction cup base. Easy squeeze bulb. Quick air release valve. Silicone (probe, hose, bulb) ABS (release valve). 4.5" x 1.5"/11.5 cm x 3.75 cm...
Insatiable G Inflatable G Flutter - Purple
The Insatiable G Inflatable G-Flutter is from the CalExotics' Insatiable G product line, but with a special feature that is sure to tickle your fancy. The powerful tickler is multi-pronged to ensure full coverage, even for those moments you are...
Insatiable G Inflatable G Bunny - Blue
The Insatiable G Inflatable G-Bunny precisely targets the g-spot with an added tickler included. This automatic inflating wand is an adult toy geared towards the body type that needs a flickering sensation in addition to the exceptional vibration and inflation...
Insatiable G Inflatable G Wand - Pink
The Insatiable G Inflatable G-Wand is an automatic inflating wand, and is the adult toy that is sure to bring you the insatiable pleasure you are seeking. Enjoy four unique inflatable settings of slight, medium, and high inflation and a...
Silicone Inflatable Plug - X Large Black
The CalExotics XL Silicone Inflatable Plug is a one-of-a-kind anal probe with inflatable body, easy squeeze bulb and detachable hose. The wickedly thrilling probe even stays inflated when the hose is detached! To inflate your ecstasy, simply attach the hose...
Medium Silicone Inflatable Plug - Black
The CalExotics Medium Silicone Inflatable Plug is a one-of-a-kind anal probe with inflatable body, easy squeeze bulb and detachable hose. The wickedly thrilling probe even stays inflated when the hose is detached! To inflate your ecstasy, simply attach the hose...
Weighted Silicone Inflatable Plug - Black
The CalExotics Weighted Silicone Inflatable Plug is a one-of-a-kind anal probe with inflatable weighted body, easy squeeze bulb and detachable hose. For increased pleasure, this probe is perfectly weighted with a 1.2 oz ball. To inflate your ecstasy, simply attach...
Anal Fantasy Elite Ass Gasm Cock Blocker
Our best-selling Ass-Gasm plug combined with our ultra-popular Elite Silicone Cock Blocker provides explosive pleasure! The Ass-Gasm Cock Blocker features a petite-sized Ass-Gasm with a thin, tapered shaft to ensure that the plug stays in place when the action heats...
Dorcel Ultimate Expand - Black
Ultimate Expand is a unique inflatable silicone vibrator that will make you take to new heights of pleasure. Customize your fantasies by switching between seven inflation and vibration modes that will fill your vagina or anus with pleasure. In addition,...
Dorcel Deep Expand Inflatable Vibrator - Black-gold
Deep Expand Inflatable Vibrating Anal Plug. Ultra Soft Silicone. 10 vibration modes. Inflatable. USB rechargeable, cable included. Splashproof. Length: 16 cm . Width 4.8 cm.
Inflatable Pecker Ring Toss - Asst. Color Rings
Inflatable Pecker Ring Toss Play Set is sure to bring the fun! Set features six plastic rings to toss, and a 3' tall blow up penis. This complete little fun Pecker Party Pack will help you and your friends get...
King Pecker 6 Ft Giant Inflatable Penis
Inflatable King Pecker is the perfect companion for a cuddle, a snuggle or to ride and grind on! Take him out to your next party event. King Pecker is a fungGuy that's never shy... and that's sure to keep your...
Evolved Inflatable G Rechargeable Vibrator - Purple
This unique vibrator harnesses the power of inflation! The creamy smooth silicone shaft slips inside with ease while its deflated, and then it swells to your satisfaction once its inside at the press of a button. When you want to...
Evolved Inflatable Bunny Dual Stim Rechargeable - Burgundy
Enjoy the satisfaction of girth without the awkward entry of a large tip by indulging in an inflatable silicone toy! The curved shaft reaches your G-spot effortlessly and then the tip inflates gently to five different levels according to your...
Lux Fetish Classic Inflatable Anal Balloon - Black
There's no denying the pleasure of backdoor play. Indulge in a satisfying, full feeling with an easy to insert anal balloon that easily inflates with the simple squeeze of the attached pump. The non-intimidating size of the insertable makes it...
Inflatable Pecker Noodle
Inflatable pecker noodle. This fun and naughty pool noodle is perfect for Bachelorette parties or any time at the beach or in the pool. 66"
Pretty Love Harriet Inflating Butt Plug - Black
This inflatable butt plug with multi-speed vibrations provides the ultimate anal sensation. 12 functions. Inflatable. Remote control. USB rechargeable. The ultra stretchy butt plug gently inflates to add anal satisfaction! When inflated the butt plug adds the perfect amount of...
Strap U Ergo-fit G-pulse Inflatable & Vibrating Strapless Strap-on - Purple
Strap U Ergo-fit G-pulse Inflatable & Vibrating Strapless Strap-on
Strap U Evoke Ergo Fit Strapless Strap On Dildo W-remote - Pink
Perfect for penetrating a male or female body, this remote-controlled strapless strap-on features extreme vibration and an inflatable vaginal bulb to create the perfect fit for your body. The shape allows one partner to insert the smaller end vaginally, holding...
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Spartacus Inflatable Dildo Gag With Hand Pump
For over 30 years the label Spartacus stands for high quality and functional fetish equipment - made in USA. The strap of the dildo is made of high quality cowhide and are very durable and extremely stable. The wide mouth...
Lux Fetish 4" Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug
Step up your sex game with the Lux Fetish Unisex Vibrating Hollow Double Penetration Strap On Dildo. This adult toy provides double penetration for twice the pleasure with a hollow dong and anal dildo built for accessible anal entry and...
Deluxe Wonder Plug Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug - Multi Speed
You haven't experienced anal pleasure until you've tried the Deluxe Wonder Plug. This multi-speed, inflatable, vibrating butt plug is only for those who are truly serious about anal penetration. Simply inflate, vibrate and penetrate your way to ecstasy!

What Is an Inflatable Dildo?

Inflatable dildos are phallic sex toys that resemble traditional dildos. However, there is one key difference — inflatable fake penises get larger with every squeeze of a manual hand pump. This unique feature is appealing to sex enthusiasts who want a little something extra from their toys.  You can easily enlarge this kind of toy once it's inside of you. Many users enjoy pump up dildos, as these objects can reach huge lengths and girths that otherwise wouldn't fit through their anus or vagina at their full sizes.

What Are the Benefits of an Inflatable Dildo?

Maybe you've gotten into a routine with your vibrator or suction cup dildo and are looking for a change. Consider all the ways pump up dildos can shake up your sex life:

Great Introductory

Toys As kinky as inflatable fake penises may sound, they're actually great introductory toys. You can use an inflatable fake penis to train your body to accommodate large objects.  Start by placing the expanding dildo into your vagina or anus at its smallest size. You can take as much time as you need to adjust to the feeling of the toy inside you. Then, you can slowly pump it up and give your body time to adjust to the changing girth and length. An inflatable fake penis is an excellent training tool to teach your body what it's capable of. You can debunk myths that your crevices are “too small” or “too tight.”  If the thought of using an expanding fake penis is exciting but intimidating, you can take even more significant precautionary steps. Try pumping the toy while it's simply sitting on your bed. By watching it inflate, you can learn just how large it can expand and mentally prepare yourself for what's to come. When you're ready, you can place your expanding dildo inside your anus or vagina and experience mind-numbing orgasms like you've never felt before.

Suited for BDSM Enthusiasts

While inflatable fake penises are excellent introductory toys, they also lie at the more advanced end of the sexual spectrum. BDSM enthusiasts can use these toys to try out new moves in the bedroom. Typically, the dom will take control of the hand pump and place the toy inside their sub. Then, the dom can inflate and deflate the toy at a maddening pace and inch their partner toward a life-changing orgasm.

Safe to Play With

An inflatable fake penis can sound intimidating at first, but you can rest assured it's completely safe to use. The toy will only get larger when you pump it manually — there's no need to worry about faulty electric components. Plus, the toy comes with a quick-release valve for fast deflation and removal from your body. You'll always be in complete control of the toy's size. Just be sure to establish a safe word if you use the toy during partnered play. This way, you can cease the sexual act if the toy becomes too large for your body to handle comfortably.

Ideal for Solo or Partnered Use

An inflatable fake penis is a great investment, as it's a cheap dildo you can add to your sex toy collection.  Feel free to use it in multiple settings. It's great for solo play, as you can insert the toy and expand it to your heart's content. No longer do you have to rely on multiple toys of differing girths and lengths to meet your everchanging preferences. Or, you can introduce this toy to your partner and see if they'd be interested in using it. You and your S.O. can even take turns being the receiver and giver, if you're into that. Just don't let the inflatable fake penis enlarge your partner's ego too heavily — the toy is doing most of the work, after all.

What Are the Types of Inflatable Dildos?

From an inflatable anal dildo to a strapless expanding dildo, the different types of pumpup fake penises are seemingly endless:

Inflatable Anal Dildo

An inflatable anal dildo is typically smaller than a traditional phallic-shaped toy. The top of it has a spherical shape for easy insertion, and the shape of an inflatable anal dildo rounds out well as it gets bigger.

Vibrating Pump-Up Dildo

A sex toy that vibrates and gets larger simultaneously? This concept may sound like it belongs in a fantasy world, but it's readily available to you. A vibrating pumpup dildo will pulsate and grow, reaching all your body's internal pleasure points. Some of these toys vibrate all over, while others offer targeted stimulation for G- or P-spot arousal. Determine what you'd be most interested in before you make your purchase.

Pump-Up Dildo Gag

A person's vagina and anus aren't the only orifices an inflatable fake penis was designed for. You can also use a pumpup dildo gag. This toy straps around your head and comes with a mouth plate for optimal comfort. This kind of toy can help you get accustomed to oral sex or let your partner assert dominance in the bedroom.

Strapless Pump-Up Dildo

A strapless pumpup dildo is similar to its solid counterpart. A person with a vagina can insert this toy into themselves, and the toy will stay thanks to its expanding nature. Then, the wearer can penetrate their partner's anus or vagina, and both parties can have a truly pleasurable experience. Shop Our Collection of Inflatable Dildos Today! Have your eyes (and other orifices of your body) widened at the concept of an inflatable dildo? Experience the benefits of this toy for yourself by ordering one today!

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