Durex Tropical Flavors
Sexual enhancement starts with variety - add a little island paradise to your bedroom.Multi-colored with several exciting flavors and scents such as apple, orange, strawberry or banana.Each condom is 100% electronically tested for strength, flexibility and reliability.The special way we...
Trojan Nirvana Condom - Pack Of 3
Featuring Original Artwork by Ari Lankin "My paintings are spontaneous - discovery keeps it exciting. The energy around me for the Trojan painting was absolutely electric. It was a giant celebration of color inspired by the joy of painting and...
Lifestyles Rough Rider Studded Condom Pack - Pack Of 3
Contempo by Lifestyles Rough Rider Studded Condom. Maximize the pleasure with more stimulating, satisfying studs.Specially lubricated for heightened sensation Natural color and low latex scent.3 condoms per box
Trust Dam Latex Dental Dam - Mint
Safe and satisfying! The Latex Dental Dam is made for helping reduce the risk of oral sex. The dental dam is flavored to make the encounter more enjoyable. Simply place the dam over the place of oral encounter and have...
One Glowing Pleasures Condoms - Box Of 3
ONE to light the way. Expose ONE Glowing Pleasures condoms to light for 30 seconds for up to 30 minutes of glowing fun. Technologically advanced, non-toxic phosphorous pigment between two thin layers of latex. These are the first and only...
Night Light Glow In The Dark Condom - Box Of 3
You'll have your very own green light saber when you wear a glow in dark condom! Roll one of these over your rod to light up the night and help your partner see exactly what they need to in a...
Trojan Fire & Ice Condoms - Box Of 3
Trojan condoms have been trusted for over 90 years. Trojan brand condoms are made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability. Experience...
Durex Air - Pack Of 24
EXTRA THIN: Air condoms are the thinnest developed by Durex while providing a high level of protection against STI's and pregnancy TRANSPARENT: Extra thin, lubricated and nearly see through; these condoms are made from premium quality, natural rubber latex
Durex Extra Sensitive Smooth - Pack Of 12
DUREX EXTRA SENSITIVE SMOOTH: Smooth condoms with extra ultra-smooth lubrication to help heighten the excitement and pleasure THIN DESIGN FOR ENHANCED FEELING AND SENSITIVITY: Offers enhanced sensations due to its thin and soft design, while maintaining the security and protection...
Durex Air - Pack Of 10
EXTRA THIN: Air condoms are the thinnest developed by Durex while providing a high level of protection against STI's and pregnancy TRANSPARENT: Extra thin, lubricated and nearly see through; these condoms are made from premium quality, natural rubber latex
Durex Air - Pack Of 3
EXTRA THIN: Air condoms are the thinnest developed by Durex while providing a high level of protection against STI's and pregnancy TRANSPARENT: Extra thin, lubricated and nearly see through; these condoms are made from premium quality, natural rubber latex
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Titan - Pack Of 3
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Titan Straight Shape, Larger Size. Thinner. 3 condoms per box.
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Large - Pack Of 3
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Large. Straight Shape, Larger Size. Thinner. 3 condoms per box.
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Extra Lube - Pack Of 3
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum with Extra Lube. Straight Shape, Thinner with extra lubricant. 3 condoms per box.
Durex Xxl Condoms - Pack Of 12
Durex XXL condoms, pack of 12. Extra Long, Extra Wide. Straight Shaft .Nominal Width: 64mm
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Large - Pack Of 12
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Platinum Large. Straight Shape, Larger Size. Thinner. 12 condoms per box.
Trojan All The Feels Condoms - Pack Of 3
Trojan All the Feels is a starter pack that helps you find your preferred feel because not all condoms feel the same. Classic Feel condoms have a straight shape for a secure fit. Thin Feel condoms have a straight shape...
Durex Avanti Real Feel Non Latex Condoms - Pack Of 3
Made from polyisoprene, Durex RealFeel condoms are engineered to provide a natural skin on skin feeling. 3 condoms per box.
One Tattoo Touch Condoms
No, it's not a tattoo for your penis - it's way more fun. ONE Tattoo Touch textured condoms were inspired by 3 unique tattoo designs, ribbed for your pleasure. Pleasure shape - roomier base and tip with secure center fit...
One The Legend Xl Condoms - Box Of 3
The Big One. ONE Legend allows larger-sized men to reach their peak performance. A unique, easy-roll shape features a little extra breathing room at the base and tip to enhance comfort. We've also ensured a secure fit in the middle,...
One Super Sensitive Condoms - Box Of 3
Smooth Operator. We're talking about the smooth, gliding pleasure and soft latex formula of ONE Super Sensitive. With 50% more lubricant and an exceptionally sheer design, you'll feel closer to your partner and more confident in your condom. Straight-walled shape,...
One Mixed Pleasures Condoms
Three different ways to feel good! Mixed Pleasure Condoms from One feature three different styles of condom. If used properly, latex condoms will help prevent pregnancy and help prevent the transmisison of sexually transmitted diseases. Comes in box of three.
Trust Dam Latex Dental Dam
Safe and satisfying! The Latex Dental Dam is made for helping reduce the risk of oral sex. The dental dam is flavored to make the encounter more enjoyable. Simply place the dam over the place of oral encounter and have...
Lifestyles Skyn Extra Lubricated Condoms - Box Of 12
Premium Polyisoprene Non-Latex Condoms.Long-lasting, UltraSilky lubrication enhances the experience. 40% more lube! 12 condoms per box. From Lifestyles Brand.
Lifestyles Skyn Elite - Pack Of 3
The Next Generation of Condoms! LifeStyles Skyn Elite condoms are a non-latex condom that is made of what LifeStyles calls "Skynfeel" material. This latex-free material is soft and comfortable which allows for a more comfortable fit. Polyisoprene combines the strength...
Lifestyles Skyn Large Non-latex
Lifestyles SKYN Large is a larger size condom made from polyisoprene - a scientifically formulated non-latex material that really is the closest thing to wearing nothing! Box of 12.
Lifestyles Skyn Non-latex
New SKYN Condoms from Lifestyles deliver ultimate sensitivity in a breakthrough polyisoprene non-latex material clinically proven to enhance sensation. Soft and flexible for a more pleasurable and ergonomic fit. Natural color . Comes in box of 12 condoms.
Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive - Box Of 3
Safe sex practice demands that a condom be worn during intercourse, but that doesn't mean it has to feel like there's a layer between you and your lover. Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive condoms are so thin it's almost like wearing nothing...
Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed - Box Of 3
Great protection shouldn't get in the way of great sex! Ask anyone, because more couples choose Lifestyles brand condoms for sensitivity and pleasure. And when it comes to shared satisfaction, the Ribbed Pleasure style is the rubber of choice. Lots...
Kimono Micro Thin Variety Pack
Slip into a Kimono and feel the difference. Kimono MicroThin condoms are thinner than ever and feature a new straight-sided shape to provide increased comfort and ease of donning. All Kimono condoms exceed all US and international standards for strength...
Kimono Micro Thin Large Condom
Kimono MicroThin Large Condom. You asked for it, and we listened. America's Thinnest Large Condom means you can enjoy more comfort without sacrificing thinness. To make the best large condom, we've added extra room where it matters the most- the...
Kimono Micro Thin Aqua Lube Condom
All the benefits of Kimono MicroThin AND our silky smooth water based lubricant Aqua Lube, combined into one great condom. Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube reduces friction and provides a unique slippery feeling. Enjoy the enhanced pleasure and a silky...
Kimono Textured Ribbed+sensi Dots Condom - Box Of 3
Slip into a Kimono and feel the difference. Kimono Type E condoms are strong and pleasurable. All Kimono condoms exceed all US and international standards for strength and reliability so you can use them with confidence. Comes in box of...
Kimono Micro Thin Condom
Kimono MicroThin condom is consistently rated the best thin condom in condom reviews, and the favorite thin condom among users. The combination of Japanese engineering, premium natural latex, and a proprietary formula allows us to create a very thin condom...
Crown Lubricated Condoms
The Crown Lubricated Condom is thinner, softer, and stronger than most competitive brands. Crown is pink tinted and lightly lubricated. They're the closest thing to nothing at all. Box of 3.
Durex Invisible Ulta Thin Condom - Box Of 3
Durex Invisible is the thinnest condom developed by Durex, designed to maximize sensitivity, while still providing a high level of security and protection.
Durex Performance Intense Condom - Box Of 3
The Durex Performax Intense Condoms are shaped and textured to intensify sensation. Delay lubricant to help prolong sexual performance. A more intense experience for you both.
Durex Classic - Box Of 3
Durex Classic Condoms are Extra Large for big Pleasure. The fitted shape is easy to get on and offers more head room and comfort. Nominal width 56mm 3 condoms per box
Contempo Bare Rider Thin Condom Pack - Pack Of 3
Contempo by Lifestyles Bare Rider Thin Condom is for those who want to feel as if they're using nothing at all but still get all the reliable protection necessary from a condom. Extra thin, lubricated, and made out of latex....
Durex Intense Sensation Condom - Box Of 3
Protection and performance make the perfect pair. These Durex Intense Sensations come in a 3-pack and give extreme pleasure with hundreds of raised studs. These condoms contain natural rubber latex. Slide the sensation on!
Durex Condom Pleasure Pack - Box Of 3
Take a look at the three different condoms included in the Durex Condom Pleasure Pack. The Performax prolongs lovemaking with body heat activated climax control lubricant. The Intense Sensation gives extreme pleasure featuring hundreds of raised studs. Last but not...
Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy Condoms - Box Of 10
Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy condoms feature a revolutionary new design that let's you feel the pleasure, not the condom. The comfort shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience and is textured for female stimulation while being tapered...
Trojan Magnum Xl Lubricated Condom - Box Of 12
Ever feel like you need a little extra room to maneuver? These condoms by Trojan do just the trick! The large "Magnum" size and lubrication provide extra space and sensitivity. Get the right fit to reduce chances of pregnancy and...
Trojan Pleasure Condoms - Asst. Box Of 12
Trojan Pleasure Pack features an assortment of our most stimulating condoms to provide sensual excitement for both partners every time. (4) Twisted: Designed with deep ribs to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas. (4) Sensations: Ribbed and...
Trojan G Spot Stimulate Her Where It Counts - Box Of 3
Designed to Stimulate Her Where it Counts. Micro-ribbing slowly builds stimulating friction. Condom material moves with the motion of sex. Unique shape targeted for stimulation. Sex is hottest when everyone is having fun and targeted stimulation for her will amplify...
Trojan Ultra Thin Armor Spermicidal - Box Of 3
TROJAN Ultra Thin Armor Condoms are designed for ultimate sensitivity.The Strength of a Regular TROJAN Latex Condom .Made from Premium Quality Latex. Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide Is On This Condom for extra protection against pregnancy ONLY - NOT for extra protection against...
Trojan Magnum Gold Collection - Box Of 3
Assortment of Trojan Magnum large size condoms.Contains 1 each of: Magnum Bareskin,Magnum Ecstasy,Magnum Original. 3 condoms per box
Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms
Do regular condoms leave you feeling disappointed? Try Trojan Extended Pleasure with male genital desensitizer for longer lasting sexual intercourse. Climax control lubricant provides sensitivity and prolongs sexual pleasure. Get more of what you love and reduce chances of pregnancy...
Trojan Magnum Xl - Pack Of 3
Trojan Magnum XL condoms; 30% larger than standard condoms.Tapered at base for a secure fit; silky-smooth lubricant for comfort.Made from premium quality latex; equipped with a special reservoir end to reduce risk.Each condom electronically tested.Please read all label information on...
flavored condoms sex toys joulovedolls.com

What Are Flavored Condoms?

Flavored condoms are very much like your average rubbers you'll find anywhere. However, these are made with a special coating that makes them delicious. The fun coating masks the taste of latex, making oral sex enjoyable for both the receiver and the giver. If a rubbery taste is what's standing between you and protected oral sex, you need to give these a try. 

The Benefits of Flavored Condoms

For those who have been using classic rubbers just fine for years, they may be wondering why they should bother with something new. Is this just a silly sales tactic? However, there are several benefits to using flavored condoms for any of your sexual adventures. They should become a staple of any bedside drawer along with other men's sex toys. Here's what you should know. 

Delicious Oral

There's no doubt that oral sex is fantastic for the person receiving a blowjob. However, giving a blowjob on a latex rubber can mean a sharp, uncomfortable taste. Whether you're buying these for yourself to enjoy the taste or for your partner, everyone appreciates a yummy blowjob.  

Protection from STIs and STDs

We all want to please our sexual partners, but STIs and STDs are serious, even life-threatening consequences of sex. Thankfully, condoms protect you from infections, diseases, and even unwanted pregnancies. So not only are condom flavors delicious but wearing one of these protects both you and your partner from the unintended and undesirable consequences of sex. 

Finish Anywhere

During sex, there's often a question about where to finish. Can you ejaculate in someone's mouth, or would your partner prefer you not? During vaginal sex, you may be worried about unwanted pregnancies if they're not on reliable birth control. But these rubbers eliminate the question. 

Because you ejaculate into the rubber, you don't need to warn your partner about when you're going to reach your climax. They can continue enjoying the taste, and you finish at your leisure. And for rubbers that are safe for vaginal sex, there's no need to pull out. 


Some adult toys are more of an investment than others. The worst is when you put down a lot of money on something that then sits forgotten in the back of a drawer. However, flavored condoms are an incredibly affordable sex toy. An entire box costs a fraction of what you'd pay for most toys, and you get not only the fun flavors but the critical protection as well. 

Types of Flavored Condoms

Think there's only one type of flavored condom? Think again! Before buying the first box you see, learn more about the different types available. This way, you can find the box that you and your partner will thoroughly enjoy together. 


One of the most popular materials for these forms of protection is latex. This works well for protecting you from STIs, STDs, and unwanted pregnancies. However, some people have a latex allergy and will experience unwanted side effects of wearing or having sex with someone wearing latex rubber. 

If you or your partner have an allergy, look for latex-free flavored condoms. These taste excellent and give you the protection you need but won't harm you or your skin. 


There are many condom flavors to choose from. Many are fruity, like strawberry, orange, or grape. However, there are other condom flavors you can find, like cola or mint. When shopping, you can opt for a box of one flavor if you have found your favorite one or get a mixed box that includes different condom flavors for you to try. 

Not only does this mean you have options for finding your preferred taste, but you can frequently change it regularly. That way, you're never sure which kind you're getting until you've had a taste. 


It's not just condom flavors that you can have fun with. You can also find many colors to choose from. These typically match the taste, so a strawberry one will be pink while the orange flavor will be, you guessed it, orange. Grab your favorite color and see what excellent taste you get. You can even match the color to the shade of your adult toys for more aesthetic appeal. 

How to Use Flavored Condoms

The general directions for using flavored condoms are just like how you'd use unflavored ones. You'll want to keep the package safe from punctures so that the condom is safe from holes. When you're ready, simply open the package and roll it onto the penis so that it's completely covered. You're ready to go!

Condoms are only suitable for one use. So once the wearer ejaculates, it's time to dispose of the rubber. But if you're still in the mood, simply slide on another. 

Vaginal vs. Oral

Flavored condoms are specifically designed for oral sex. After all, during vaginal or anal sex, who would be enjoying the taste of these rubbers? Because of this, not all flavored condoms are safe for anything other than oral sex. Before using these for vaginal or anal sex protection, take a close look at the directions on the box or inside. 

Shop Joy Love Dolls for Flavored Condoms

If you want you or your partner to enjoy oral sex more, there's nothing better than a box of flavored condoms. Try different condom flavors and colors together to discover your favorite. And at such affordable prices, you can't go wrong with giving them a try or two. Discover Joy Love Dolls' carefully curated selection of the best flavored condoms and start having fun with your partner.