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Loadz Jizz Water-based Lube - 8 Oz Bottle Unscented
This odorless water-based lube is thick and creamy-white, just like real semen! Enjoy the sight and sensation of a big load squirting all over or inside you whenever you want. Use it with a partner, by yourself, or with an...
$29.90 $21.55
Bust It Nut Butter - 4 Oz
Bust It Nut Butter is an innovative Body Glide designed to emulate the look and feel of actual cum. With its white, creamy texture, Nut Butter offers the most realistic look and feel on the market. Use it during intercourse,...
$29.90 $15.15
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Splooge Juice - 4 Oz
The perfect cum-like concocktion! Designed to emulate the look and feel of actual cum, Splooge Juice is the perfect companion to your favorite Doc Johnson squirting cock or for use during couples play, and solo fun! Hybrid Water-based & Silicone...
$24.90 $15.15
Zero Tolerance Warming Masturbator Lube
The good folks at Zero Tolerance know a thing or two about making people cum. So when they came forward with this great new Warming Masturbator Lube, we knew we were in for a treat! Slip it on and start...
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Squirtz Cum Lube
Scientifically formulated to emulate semen.White, creamy, lifelike consistency .Thick water-based formula stays slick Toy friendly .Unscented .Made in the USA Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citric Acid, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Vegetable Gum, Titanium Dioxide (Cl...
Spunk Hybrid Lube - 16 Oz
SPUNK Lube Hybrid is a water based hybrid lubricant that looks and feels like CUM. It's white and creamy, and feels unlike any other lubrication available. With SPUNK Lube Hybrid you get the best of both worlds. Lube that lasts...
Spunk Hybrid Lube
SPUNK Lube Hybrid is a water based hybrid lubricant that looks and feels like CUM. It's white and creamy, and feels unlike any other lubrication available. With SPUNK Lube Hybrid you get the best of both worlds. Lube that lasts...
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Master Series Jizz Scented Lube - 8 Oz
A water based lubricant that resembles the look, feel, and scent of authentic cum! It is white, creamy, and musky...just like the real thing. Non-staining, it stays slick and cleans up easily. Now you can have jizz in a bottle,...
Cum Lube – Most Wanted in 2022 – Joy Love Dolls

What is Cum Lube?

Cum lube is exactly what it sounds like -- an intimate lubricant that is designed to look like real human ejaculate. It can be made from a range of materials, ranging from water to silicon. However, they're all made to resemble cum in texture, taste, and consistency. This product is sure to hold you over while your partner recharges. 

What are the Benefits of Cum Lube?

Cum lube might just seem like something fun to play with, but this product brings many benefits to the bedroom.

Here are just a few perks of playing with the best fake cum lube.

Assists with Penetration

Sometimes we all need a little assistance to get it in. Whether you're penetrating yourself with a dildo or entering your partner or one of our realistic sex toys, this lubricant is the perfect thing to help you slide in smoothly and comfortably.

Looks Like Real Semen

The substance that comes out of these bottles is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Thanks to the wonders of modern science and technology, you'll be hard-pressed to tell the difference between our high-quality cum lube and an actual load. 

Can Be Used with Toys of a Human Partner

It doesn't matter if you're penetrating a pocket pussy or sliding it in between your partner's crotchless panties. This realistic cum lube will work on anything and always leaves you satisfied. 

Gives Your Male Partner a Break

Unfortunately, men experience a refractory period between orgasms where they have to wait a bit before they can go again. During those moments when your partner is indisposed, but you still need more, this realistic cum lube will always be there to give you what you need. 

Makes Your Sexual Experience More Interesting

Using a fun toy or substance during your next sexual encounter will make the experience a lot more exciting and enjoyable, both for you and your partner. You'll be surprised just how much you'll love it. 

What Kinds of Cum Lube are Available?

It should come as no surprise that the fake cum lube is extremely popular due to all of these perks, and product developers are experimenting with new ways to make this synthetic material not only provide adequate lubrication, but also look, smell, taste, and feel like real human loads. As such, there are several different varieties available on the market for you to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. 

Here are the primary types of the best cum lube. 


Water-based lubricants are the most gentle and versatile. They're safe to use on human skin and any kind of sex toy in your collection. 


Silicon-based lubricants are extremely effective but can damage certain types of sex toys. Be sure to research ahead of time or do a spot test before using these with your favorite pocket pussy.

How Well Does Cum Lube Resemble Real Semen?

The whole point of cum lube is that it provides lubrication while at the same time looking and feeling as close as possible to real human semen. So, if it turned out to not be very cum-like, that would be a huge disappointment. 

Luckily, the best cum lube products are a dead ringer for the real deal. Let's see how they match up in terms of the main sensory experiences. 


If you looked at a genuine load and a sample from this product side by side and had to tell the difference using just your eyesight, you would be in for a serious challenge. 


Unlike traditional lubricants, these products are thicker and more viscous. They still work perfectly as lubricants, but this added textural quality gives them a more cum-like feel. 

Smell and Taste

Thanks to the hours of rigorous research done by the professionals when developing these products, our realistic cum lube even tastes and smells like the real thing. 

Joy Love Dolls is Here to Help with All of Your Cum Lube Needs

Whether you need an effective sexual lubricant that looks like real cum, or a pair of vibrating panties to spice up a night with your partner, Joy Love Dolls will always have the product you need at an affordable price. Check out a few of the reasons why we are one of the leading online providers of adult merchandise.

Best Selection on the Internet

At Joy Love Dolls, we always keep a diverse range of products in stock, so our customers always walk away with the perfect thing to satisfy their needs. 

Affordable Financing

We allow for split payments through our partnership with Klarna, so money troubles will never keep you from getting the lube of your dreams. 

Discreet Delivery 

We understand the need for privacy when shopping for adult merchandise, which is why our shipping practices are always discreet and anonymous. 

24/7 Assistance

If you have an issue with your product, you can reach our attentive customer service representatives any time day or night by phone, email, or live chat.

Get Your Very Own Bottle of Bona Fide Cum Lube Today!

If you simply can't get enough semen during your bedroom encounters, but your male partner is begging for a break, Joy Love Dolls has the solution that will satisfy you both. Our realistic cum lube will perfectly simulate the experience of handling a genuine load without putting too much pressure on your partner to produce one himself. 

So what are you waiting for? Purchase a bottle of your very own and see just how realistic this product can be. 

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