Zeus Wet Look Brief Style Jock Strap Black O-s
A provocative wet look jock strap with perforated faux leather detailing. Pouch front. Wet look waist and back straps.90% Polyester 10% Elastane. Hand Wash Cold.One Size. Chest: 38"-42". Waist: 32"-36". Zeus by Allure
100% Silk Jock Strap Red
This Silk Jock Strap from Magic Silk is a luxurious, 100% silk jock that is so soft and light it feels like you have nothing on. Made from 100% knitted silk they are a quality long lasting item. Size SM....
Heather Haze Cutout Jock
The Male Power Heather Haze Cutout Jock features a tone on tone striping to create a faux plaid look made of poly knit fabric. Thin and lightweight, this male jock has all way stretch and a plush elastic waistband. A...
Jock Ring - Black
The Jock Ring from the Male Power PEEP SHOW collection features the decorative metal rings. Its made with plus elastic leg bands and the new Male Power logo in the waistband. This Jock is light as a feather with open...
Pride Fest Contoured Pouch Jock
Jock with low rise waist, support pouch. Plush elastic tone on tone embossed waistband and plush elastic leg bands. Multicolored festive rainbow print in a herringbone pattern. Stretchy and breathable, lightweight poly spandex. 85% Polyester 15% Spandex. From Male Power....
Jockstrap – Sexy Men's Lingerie – Joy Love Dolls

What is a Jockstrap?

A jockstrap is a specific style of men's underwear consisting of a pouch for genital support and straps to hold it in place while leaving the rear exposed. These garments were originally used in athletic situations, but have since become a staple of men's intimate clothing.

What Makes Men's Jock Strap Underwear Unique?

Here at Joy Love Dolls, we offer a wide variety of men's intimate garments. But the jockstrap comes equipped with certain features that set it apart from other styles, like men's thongs or G-strings. Read on below to learn what it is about jockstraps that make them so appealing to men all over the world. 


The unique construction of this garment, leaving the back open while still offering sufficient genital support, is the main benefit of wearing a jockstrap. It offers the perfect blend of comfort and practicality.


This style of men's underwear is instantly recognizable for its sex appeal, making it a popular choice for men who want a bolder and more attractive undergarment.

Versatile Applications

Whether you want to wear it as athletic wear or spice up a romantic evening with your partner, the versatile jockstrap can do it all. 

What Jock Strap Styles are Available from Joy Love Dolls?

Here at Joy Love Dolls, sex toys aren't the only thing we stock in a wide variety. We are also very proud of our diverse collection of men's jock strap underwear. We carry jockstraps in all kinds of different styles, so you can always be certain to find a good match for you in our store. 


This option is perfect for guys who just want the classic look and feel of the original jockstrap. 


Try out one of our neon jockstraps for a pop of color or an avant-garde feel.


If you want something with a more intricate design, check out these models featuring decorative metal rings.


These garments are perfect for athletic performance and achieving maximum levels of comfort and support. 

Jockstraps are Made from All Kinds of Materials

When selecting your new jock strap, it's important to choose a product that is comfortable and suited to your taste. That's why our collection of men's jock strap underwear features jock straps made from a wide variety of different materials. Peruse our jockstrap collection today to find the one that's right for you!


Classic jockstraps are made from smooth and comfortable silk fabric that feels breathable and looks elegant. If you want to keep things safe and simple, this is the model for you.


Our jockstraps made from nylon-spandex material offer a bit more stretch and are also water-resistant. 


If you're looking for a jockstrap that's sexy and bold, our fishnet undergarments are the perfect choice.

Why Wear a Jock Strap?

If you've been seeing a lot of men in jockstraps lately, you might be wondering what the big deal is with these garments. Well, there are several reasons why jock strap underwear is gaining more and more popularity every day. Read on below to learn how jock straps can benefit you. 

Comfort and Breathability

The primary benefit of wearing a jockstrap is the breathability offered by the exposed rear. The genius design keeps you cool and comfortable without sacrificing the necessary support all undergarments must offer. 


The pouch in the front offers the perfect amount of support for your genitals, keeping you comfortable and secure whenever you wear them.

Sex Appeal

It's undeniable that there's something sexy about men in jockstraps, so they're the perfect garment to wear when you need to turn on the charm. 

Jockstrap Brands

The most important thing for men in jockstraps to have access to is variety. That's why our team at Joy Love Dolls has curated a diverse range of men's jockstrap options for our collection, including high-quality products from a variety of different brands. 

Here are some of the labels you can expect to find in our store:

  • Malebasics
  • Comme Ci Comme Ca
  • Cocksox
  • Magic Moments Int'l

Why Choose Joy Love Dolls?

We understand that there are plenty of businesses out there that offer jockstrap underwear to their clients. But none of them come with the quality, dedication, and discretion that Joy Love Dolls brings to the table. 

Here are just three of the many reasons why consumers should trust our brand over the competition. 

Excellent Quality

Here at Joy Love Dolls, the quality of the products we sell is always the most important thing. Anyone familiar with our collection of state-of-the-art Sino-Doll dolls can attest that we never hold back when it comes to quality. 

Discreet Shipping

We understand that your privacy is important to you. That's why we always prioritize anonymity and discretion when shipping out orders to our clients.

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