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Joy Love Dolls has the best sex dolls available today all in one place!  We have the top sex doll with brands such as WM Dolls, YL Dolls, and with our home brand of Joy Love Dolls, you will be enchanted right away.  The best sex doll is the doll...

Joy Love Dolls has the best sex dolls available today all in one place!  We have the top sex doll with brands such as WM Dolls, YL Dolls, and with our home brand of Joy Love Dolls, you will be enchanted right away.  The best sex doll is the doll that doesn't take you out of the moment, the best realistic sex dolls are the ones that let you live out your fantasies and stimulate your imagination. 

So welcome to the best sex doll online store for the best love dolls and even cheap sex toys that you can find all in one place!

Teen Sex Dolls

The best sex doll online store

Our dolls are designed to be customized at nearly every level, from minor details such as their hair styles and manicures to functional features such as removable vaginas, skeletal structure, and feet they can actually stand on!  Joy Love Dolls has the best selling sex dolls on the market today, and that is because we provide quality manufacturing, discrete service and delivery, and all at a price you can afford.  You won't find the best love dolls like we carry anywhere else, and never at these prices.

With so many designs to choose from, you can truly make your sex doll your own with a variety of materials, body types, and other details to choose from.  Your doll will be unique to your wants and needs, and allow you to explore your every fantasy.

So much more

You might wonder why you should consider a sex doll?  The answer is simple: everyone's tastes are different, and if it is the function and utilitarian design of a dildo or other sex toy that gives you pleasure, a sex doll is just that and a lot more.  Some of us find pleasure in direct stimulation, which is a lot like picking your favorite toppings off a slice of pizza.  With a sex doll, you are stimulated from the complete package.  From the sensation of real feel skin, made possible in our best selling sex dolls with the use of a thermoplastic elastomer or other silicone based skin types, to the size, weight and dimensions of a real person that fits so well against your body, you will love the experience.


  • TPE: Thermoplastic elastomer is a mix of polymers, usually a blend of rubber and other plastics, which are bound to create soft, supple, and tactile properties incredibly similar to real skin.  They can be molded to a variety of different hardness, which are very desirable in the creation of sex toys.  Once set, these polymers can be made into very detailed and durable forms,
  • Silicone: Silicone has been an industry staple in sex toys for years, and with improved methods of production, they just keep getting better.  Unlike the latex and rubber of yesteryear, silicone withstands the elements, different types of lubricant, and repeated use and cleaning time and time again.  Our dolls are constructed of medical grade polymers for improved hygiene and safety of use.

Form and function

One of the first things you will notice about our best sex dolls is the attention to detail that resides in each one.  These are not mass-produced novelty items.  These are the best love dolls available for a reason: each one is a work of art.  The poseability, aesthetics, lifelike expressions, and details such as eye color, interchangeable wigs, bring each one a quality of individuality and detail that is surprising. But these sex dolls are made to be more like a work of art than any typical sex toy.  From the delicate line of where a neck meets a shoulder or the curve beneath a breast, the cut of a hip, or the delicate turn of a wrist, these dolls have been sculpted with the appreciation of the human form in mind.

With different types of skeletal structure available, you can increase the realistic look, with is very important for some of our clients, who are stimulated more visually than through physical touch.  But for those who appreciate the touch of a warm body against their own, some of our dolls allow body and removable vagina warmers to increase the stimulation where it counts.

With standing feet your doll can stand on its own two feet as well, which allows you to play out your fantasies and add a whole other level of realism to the experience.  Dress your sex doll however you would like, change out wigs, or even an entire head to switch things up a little.  

So much to choose from

Joy Love Dolls is the best sex doll online store for a good reason, and probably the best one is how much variety we bring to the experience.  You can customize your sex doll however you like, either beginning with a standard model or building one from the ground up with all the features you enjoy the most.  Whether it is petite and young, or anime, curvy, BBW, California dream, or any stop in-between, you can indulge yourself in whatever fantasy you choose.

Features to customize

  • Breast size/type: From firm to soft naturals in cup sizes from B to H, your doll can suit your tastes 
  • Body type: Petite and short to thick or curvy, everyone has their own preferences, so you might as well get to choose what you really want.
  • Skin tone: Whether your tastes run to pale, porcelain, or caramel tones, or black skin, we have you covered.
  • Hair color: With a whole palette of wigs to choose from, you can indulge your fantasies with a redhead, brunette, straight and dark, or blonde and curly, however you choose!
  • Eye color: The details make life worth living and these details really bring your sex doll to life.  Choose from dozens of different colors and even fantasy sets to spice up the moment.
  • Modular design: With modular pieces you can swap out vaginas for textured, tighter, or heated configurations.  Easy to clean for improved hygiene or ready for temperature controlled components, every detail has been made available for your pleasure.

Take it to the next level

A sex doll is an investment, but one that you will find stimulates the senses and allows you to explore uncharted territory in the realm of pleasure.  Good for you alone or include it in you next session with a partner, or more there is no telling how you can enjoy the best love doll you can find online!