Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Ass Thruster
From $216.99
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Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Ass Thruster
The Vibrating Ass Thruster is the most advanced cordless anal thrusting vibe we've ever designed! At first glance you might mistake the discreet cylinder for an ordinary Bluetooth speaker, but once you unscrew the lid and attach the warming vibrator...
$216.99 $154.99
Pretty Love Heather Thrusting Butt Plug - Fuchsia
Designed to give you great stimulation with 12 functions of vibrations and 3 thrusting functions. Memory Function. Remote Control and USB rechargeable.
$126.69 $90.49
Eclipse Wristband Remote Thrusting Rotator Probe
The Eclipse Wristband Remote Thrusting Rotator Probe is a sensual silicone probe created to ease you into thrilling anal pleasure. The sleek wristband remote controls 12 powerful vibration functions with intense synchronized rotating, thrusting actions and two powerful motors. The...
$158.19 $112.99
Nexus Simul8 Plug - Black
From $121.79
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Nexus Simul8 Plug - Black
Nexus Simul8 Butt Plug Edition delivers maximum satisfaction to both you and your partner. The super soft & stretchy silicone cock and balls ring will keep you harder for longer while the ergonomically shaped vibrating butt plug and base will...
$121.79 $86.99
Lux Fetish 4" Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug W-suction Base - Black
Enjoy customizable anal play with a plug that easily inflates with just the squeeze of the pump. This plug stimulates the backdoor with seven rumbly speeds of vibration, which can be easily controlled by its attached remote control. With its...
$92.39 $65.99
Nexus Boost Prostate Massager W-inflatable Tip - Black
Nexus Boost is a remote controlled prostate and perineum massager with an inflatable tip! Two powerful vibrating motors deliver dual stimulation to the perineum and prostate whilst the inflatable tip allows you to customize your prostate pleasure. 6 vibration settings...
$209.99 $149.99
Kingsley Prostate Massager W-remote
From $115.88
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Kingsley Prostate Massager W-remote
Kingsley Prostate Massager with Remote Control. Graduated Design Flexible Silicone Vibrating Anal Toy with Remote Control. Spiral Texture Design stimulates perineum in order to trigger full body orgasms. 9 different vibration modes with a rechargeable silicone remote control. Remote control...
$115.88 $82.77
Corkscrew Vibrating Butt Plug
From $48.68
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Corkscrew Vibrating Butt Plug
Increase your sensations with the powerful vibrations and smooth silicone of the Corkscrew Vibrating Butt Plug. Use the waves of vibration and take your pleasure to another world of stimulation during couples or solo play. The girthy circumference is the...
$48.68 $34.77
Lamia Dual Clit & Anal Stimulator
From $100.76
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Lamia Dual Clit & Anal Stimulator
Lamia - Dual Clit and Anal Panty Vibrator. Experience 9 different vibration patterns that will stimulate both of your desires at the same time, taking both penetration and stimulation to a whole new level. The smooth and silky texture with...
$100.76 $71.97
Habiki Hollowed Vibrating Anal Plug
From $99.08
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Habiki Hollowed Vibrating Anal Plug
New and improved! Enjoy fabulous back door play with our special silicone Prostate Vibrator. The thrusting vibrator has 9 different modes and comes with a flexible and bendable shape to plug easily. You can sit on the anal butt vibrator...
$99.08 $82.77
Vibratex Black Pearl Prostate Massager
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Vibratex Black Pearl Prostate Massager
Been wondering how to get into P-spot pleasure, by yourself or with a partner? Then the Black Pearl is for you. Sending gentle, yet powerful vibration through its slender shaft to its rounded pearl, it places tantalizing stimulation just where...
$167.99 $119.99
Nexus Revo Air Rotating Prostate Massager W-suction - Black
Nexus Revo Air is a rotating prostate massager with a perineum stimulator that uses air suction technology. The rotating shaft will deliver a thorough massage to the prostate whilst the base sends deep waves of satisfaction to the perineum. Comes...
$307.99 $219.99
Dorcel P-joy Double Action Prostate Massager - Black
From $139.99
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Dorcel P-joy Double Action Prostate Massager - Black
The Multi P-Joy: a 3-in-1 pleasure. A true innovation in male pleasure, the MULTI PJOY is an improved prostate stimulator, equipped with three motors that will stimulate three distinct areas: the prostate, the base of the anus and the perineum....
$139.99 $99.99
Blush Avant Vibrotize Silicone Vibrating Plug - Fuchsia
Blush Avant Vibrotize Silicone Vibrating Plug - Fuchsia
$75.45 $53.89
Blush Avant Free Spirit Silicone Vibrating Plug - Scarlet
Blush Avant Free Spirit Silicone Vibrating Plug - Scarlet
$44.73 $31.95
Gender Fluid Tremor Ring Plug Anal Vibe - Black
From $82.31
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Gender Fluid Tremor Ring Plug Anal Vibe - Black
Gender Fluid Tremor Ring Plug Anal Vibe - Black. 10 Powerful Vibration Patterns, USB Rechargeable, Medical Grade Silicone, Water Resistant, Ultra Quiet Motor, Rose Gold Detail. Length 5", Diameter 1.37"
$82.31 $58.79
Nexus Bolster Butt Plug W-inflatable Tip - Black
Nexus Bolster is a remote controlled vibrating prostate plug with an inflatable tip! 6 vibration settings. USB rechargeable. Waterproof/Submersible Remote Control is also USB rechargeable and waterproof. Material: Silicone Dimensions: Insertable Length - 99mm Shaft Width - 40mm One Year...
$202.99 $144.99
Ass-sation Remote Vibrating Metal Plug
From $108.91
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Ass-sation Remote Vibrating Metal Plug - Silver
The Nasstoys Ass-Sation Butt Plug is a must have for every booty! Sized perfectly for beginners with a slim tapered shape and flat base with 10 tantilizing vibrating functions which may be controlled by pressing the power button on the...
$108.91 $77.79
Pink Elite Collection Supreme Anal Play Kit - Pink
From $62.15
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Pink Elite Collection Supreme Anal Play Kit - Pink
10 piece kit. Waterproof Materials: Love Baton - TPE, Cockrings - TPE, Vibrator - ABS, Teaser Tip & buttplugs - TPR, Anal Beads - PVC. Sizes: Love Baton - 9.25?, Vibrator - 6.75?, Teaser Tip - 2.75?, Buttplugs - 4.75?,...
$62.15 $44.39
Pretty Love Vibra Butt Plug Ii - Black
You won't sleep tonight with this tight fit, 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug lying inside you. Prepare to receive by dripping an ample amount of water-based lubricant over the butt plug and slowly rubbing around your awaiting anus. Hush, my...
$36.39 $25.99
Thrusting Butt Plug – Thrusting Anal Toy [2022] - Joy Love Dolls

What Is a Thrusting Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a toy to put up your anus. While this sounds a little daunting for first-timers - a butt plug can give anal penetration at the same time as you pleasure yourself elsewhere. This makes the orgasm much more intense. 

A thrusting buttplug is very similar, with the exception that it jiggles and tingles inside you. You can be certain that this makes for the best orgasm. 

Benefits of a Thrusting Butt Plug 

These toys are brilliant for teasing, warming up, and for upping your sex game. A thrusting buttplug stimulates the anus and jiggles inside you. This anal penetration means that your orgasms will be much more intense when you're being pleasured elsewhere too. 

But what other benefits are available to users? Learn more about why you need to add these to your collection. 

Various Sizes Available for Most Pleasure 

You can start with smaller butt plugs and work your way up. There are various sizes of thrusting anal toys, so you can start small and experience all of the pleasure without any pain. This is excellent for enjoying the experience and exploring your preferences.

Great Versatility 

There's a whole host of ways you can use butt plugs and thrusting butt plugs. The more adventurous, the better the orgasm can be. Some people will stick to the bedroom and use it alone, but you can also enjoy it with a partner.

Some users suggest using butt plugs during intercourse or while giving oral. Other users recommend using butt plugs as a way to prepare for anal sex with their partner, so the experience is more pleasurable overall. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination really is the limit.

Use Them Anywhere 

These thrusting butt plugs can be super teasing, but why not switch it up? If you're using a glass butt plug or a thrusting one, you can think about changing position, even outside the bedroom. These are discreet and can come with you. 

Perhaps you start with it in bed but keep it inside around the house. If you're feeling daring, you can take a walk outside - if you live in a noisy neighborhood, then this will mean you can't hear the buzzing.

Another fun idea is that you can give your partner the remote so they can tease you as they like. Date night out will never be the same. 

Anyone Can Enjoy 

Everyone can benefit from a butt plug. This means that no matter your gender or genitalia, you can join in. What's more, they can be used with your partner or for solo ventures too. Pleasure is always welcome after all! 

The Different Types Available

There's a whole host of different anal toys and dildos on the market - how do you choose?

Thrusting anal butt plugs are a lot more comfortable to use as they're magnetic and jiggle inside you. This means they don't nip the skin.

Prostate Thrusting Focus

You can choose a vibrating and thrusting butt plug which is designed to be unisex and sit at the prostate and G-spot. It sits directly aimed forward and requires less effort to orgasm.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are jiggly and massage the anal canal. What's more, these can thrust too and give rhythmic bumping, making this a very sensual experience. 

The great thing about anal beads is that you can vary the size according to what you feel most comfortable with. This is great for experimenting on your first adventure, as you can work up and increase sizes as you go.

Glass/Steel Butt Plugs

Glass and steel butt plugs come in a huge variety of options and the best part is that you can use any kind of lube with them. Oil-based and silicone lubes won't degrade the material, so these are totally safe to use together, and this means you can use your preferred lubricant. 

These are more aimed at more experienced users as they're slightly heavier. This gives a greater feeling of fullness and users say that this leads to a much more powerful orgasm.

How to Use 

Since anal toys can be quite overwhelming to newcomers, the most important thing is to remember to relax. In turn, this relaxes the muscles and ensures you have a pleasurable experience. A good idea is to have you or your partner stimulate the anus externally before putting the butt plug in. This could be with a finger or tongue. 

It's worth noting that you should always use lube with sex toys, especially anal toys. This is to avoid tears and makes for a much more comfortable experience. 

Afterward, it's easy to clean and reuse. These thrusting anal toys are made from medical-grade silicone, so they're body safe and can be easily washed with soap and water or toy cleaner.

Buy a Thrusting Butt Plug Today

Are you looking to give your sex life a whole lot of extra spice? If you've never dabbled in anal play before, try starting with a small thrusting buttplug. You can even use the vibrations externally before moving inside. Once you've had an orgasm with a thrusting butt plug, you won't be able to imagine not using one again. For those experienced in anal play, why not treat yourself to a new toy? 

Buy a thrusting butt plug today - they're readily available to buy online, and Joy Love Dolls has a huge collection for you to choose from and experiment with.

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