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You're ready to get it on with your partner, but you need protection. It's time for the sexiest safety guarantee around condoms! The best condoms go beyond protection to offer high-quality materials, sexy colors, thrilling textures, and even some flavors. Learn more about finding the perfect condoms for the next...

You're ready to get it on with your partner, but you need protection. It's time for the sexiest safety guarantee around condoms! The best condoms go beyond protection to offer high-quality materials, sexy colors, thrilling textures, and even some flavors. Learn more about finding the perfect condoms for the next time you're ready to have some fun. 

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Condoms are made of rubber and designed to slip over a penis during sex. This way, all partners are protected from the unwanted effects of sex, such as infections or unplanned pregnancies. This form of protection comes in various designs from different brands, all offering something a little different to the wearer. 

What Are the Benefits of Condoms?

If you're wondering why you should add another box of these to your drawer or travel bag, we have news: there are more benefits than you even know. Learn more about why you need to have one of these ready to go at all times. 

Safe Sex

Nothing ruins an intimate moment like the fear of STIs or STDs. These unwanted side effects of unprotected sex can have lasting problems that go on much longer than your time with your partner even lasted. 

If you're having sex with a partner, keep each other safe by simply slipping on one of these contraceptives. 

Avoid Pregnancy

Birth control can have some unwanted side effects like mood swings, weight fluctuations, and even decreased libido. Condoms also protect against pregnancy but come with absolutely no side effects. And even if you or your partner is on birth control, these can make it stronger, bringing the chance of pregnancy as close to zero as possible. 

Fun Specialty Choices

Rubbers don't have to be boring. Various brands offer unique upgrades to get something even more exciting than excellent protection. For example, Kimono condoms offer rubbers with aqua lube so that you and your partner are always ready to go without also grabbing a bottle of lube. 

And then, of course, there are flavored options, colorful designs, and unique ribbing. So don't assume every rubber is the same, and shop the exciting collection from Joy Love Dolls. 

Less Mess

It seems like, no matter where you come, you're always left with a mess. And after great sex, the last thing you want to do is feel compelled to clean. But with rubbers, you can come anywhere and then clean up in moments. Simply remove the rubber and throw it out. 

So whether you're with your partner or want to skip scrubbing your sex toys after sex, now you can enjoy without having a mop handy. 

Condom Size

When shopping condom size, it's essential to know that sizing is generally based on girth rather than length. You'll also want to be careful because an ill-fitting rubber won't provide the protection you need. So before you buy, double-check the condom size description on the box and ensure you're getting what your penis needs. 

Large Condoms

If you find sex with a rubber uncomfortable or unenjoyable because it's too snug, you'll want to size up to the large condoms. Now your girth will have room to enjoy itself — but make sure there isn't too much room! 

Magnum condoms are well-known for providing extra-large sizes for those with large girths.

Small Condoms

Even if your penis is particularly long, if the girth is generally less than 4.5 inches, you'll need small condoms. This will give you the snug fit you want to ensure you get the best feeling while inside your partner and the protection you want. And who doesn't want better sex? 

More to Know About Condoms

When shopping for protection, know that these go beyond condom size. Many things distinguish one box from another, and you only want the best for yourself and your partner. So before you checkout with the first box you see, learn about these additional factors you should be on the lookout for. 

Flavored Condoms

If you're going to be using rubbers during oral, you need a box of flavored condoms.  Durex condoms are famous for some of the most creative, tasty flavors on the market, and you'll love seeing your partner enjoy them. 


Who says you have to settle for boring rubbers? Make your evening even sexier with colorful rubbers. Many brands offer colorful varieties, and One condoms even offer tattoo-inspired designs. If you want to add something a little more exciting to your penis aesthetic, you can't go wrong with eye-catching colors. 


When we think of rubbers, we think of just one texture, much like a balloon. But the textures and features available go well beyond that. Many condom brands offer excellent textures that you, your partner, or both of you will love. 

For example, Trojan condoms are known for offering a wide variety of features: everything from warming lubricants included to special various ribbing designs. Additionally, brands like Lifestyle condoms offer ultra-thin rubbers, so you hardly feel like you're wearing protection while getting all the benefits. 

Condom Brands

When protecting yourself and your partner from pregnancy or STIs, you don't want to waste your time with flimsy rubbers that don't get the job done. That's why you should only shop from the top condom brands when adding to your collection. 

We recommend shopping for the highest-quality brands, including Trojan condoms, if you want a variety of textures and features. You may also want to check out Magnum condoms, known for their resiliency. 

Any brand you find from Joy Love Dolls has been thoroughly reviewed so that you can rest assured you have the best of the best when it's time to get intimate. 

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Before you meet up with your special someone, grab a box of the best condoms. At Joy Love Dolls, we have everything you could want from the best condom brands. Whether you want something ribbed for her pleasure or flavored for oral, you won't leave our store empty-handed or unprotected. Shop now and stock up on every condom size you could need so you're always ready.