Fetish Fantasy Series Triple Super Suck-hers
Even the world's best lovers only have two hands. They can focus on your clit, and maybe deliver a tiny bit of extra attention to your nipples, but we're pretty sure it isn't humanly possible for one person to stimulate...
Kink Swell Auto Nipple Sucker Cups - Black
Sexual arousal and visual stimulation skyrocket for a well-pumped pussy. Dole out or deny stronger orgasms with the heightened sensitivity and arousal that pumping provides, and watch the incredible visual results in real time through the pump's transparent cup. Three...
Colt Nipple Pro Suckers - Black
Includes 2 fully adjustable multi-use suckers. Unique vacuum pressure design; simply twist to adjust suction. Incredible suction for increased sensitivity. Secure seal stays in place. Disassembles for easy cleaning. AS (cylinder), ABS (cap, plunger), Silicone (seal). 4" x 1.5"/10.25 cm...
Hunky Junk Elong Nipsuckers - Clear
Elong Nipples suckers work...and look so cool. They will suck any size nip and are deep enough and big enough to fit small to medium piercings. These stay on- the base flares out for more contact with skin. What gives...
Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers - Black
Gripper Nipple Suckers from Oxballs are made of flexible TPR but still firm enough to give you some serious nip plumping and pulling. Each pair is topped with a small handle perfect for tugging, flicking, or any other tit play...
Oxballs Hognips 2 Nipple Suckers - Red-black
HOGNIPS-2 are really huge nipsuckers designed to fit fat thick rubbery nips, huge areolas, pumped nips, pierced nips and...they can suck ass...if you dare, try using on your pucker. the original “HOGS” were a blast to use, so we redesigned...
Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Nipple Pumps
Pump up the passion and pump up your pleasure with these incredible Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Nipple Pumps from Pipedream. These seductive suckers are lined with rows of super-soft ticklers that tease and titillate when the vibrations are turned on....
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Shots Electroshock Nipple Suckers - Clear
Combine the arousal and pleasure these nipple enhancers create whilst massaging or cupping the breasts and stimulating them additionally with electricity! These ELECTRO SHOCK NIPPLE TWISTERS work simply while being highly effective! Just place the silicone suction cups over the...
Shots Pumped Nipple Suction Set - Medium Clear
Feel the stimulation of suction with these Nipple Cups. These suckers can be easily applied and twisted to temporarily increase the size of the nipples. Perfect for use during solo or partner play. Enjoy creating heightened sensitivity and stimulation! Compatible...
Master Series Maxxx Power Twist Nipple Suckers
Black Maxxx Powerful Twist Nipple Suckers from Master Series. This pair of nipple suckers are ideal for anyone desiring real nipple suction. Simply place the base of the sucker firmly against the nipple to create a seal, then twist the...
Nipple Play Vacuum Twist Suckers - Pink
Includes 2 fully adjustable multi-use suckers. Unique vacuum pressure design; simply twist to adjust suction. Incredible suction for increased sensitivity. Disassembles for easy cleaning. AS (cylinder), ABS (cap, plunger), Silicone (seal), 4" x 1.5"/10.25 cm x 3.75 cm. From CalExotics.
Nipple Play Advanced Silicone Nipple Suckers - Black
Cal Exotics nipple play Silicone Advanced Nipple Suckers. 2 soft, pliable Silicone nipple suckers for intense arousal. Soft and squeezable with flanged base for extra suction. Advanced bulb design for increased sensitivity. Silicone. 2.25" x 1.5"/5.75cm x 3.75cm.
Nipple Play Mini Nipple Suckers - Purple
From Cal Exotics comes the Mini Nipple Suckers. They are soft and pliable nipple suckers for intimate couples play. The super suction allows for heightened sensitivity.
Nipple Play Advanced Nipple Suckers - Black
Nipples need love too. Heighten your sensitivity with these soft and pliable Advanced Nipple Suckers. Place one over each nipple and give a squeeze to create a gentle vaccuum that will tease and tantalize your nipples like never before.
Nipple Play Nipple Suckers
Sensual titillation! Slip these erotic Nipple Suckers(TM) over a nipple and squeeze. A gentle vacuum is created, tugging and teasing your most playful erogenous zone, the nipples. Perfect for couples or individuals with a passion for creative foreplay and intimate...
Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Super Sucker Trio - Black
When you're looking for intense suction pleasure without the use of an external pump, the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Super Sucker Trio is the perfect choice for increasing clit and nipple sensitivity! With two powerful nipple suckers and a clever...
Blush Temptasia Clit & Nipple Large Twist Suckers - Clear Set Of 2
Temptasia Clit and Nipple Large Twist Suckers bring engorgement and heightened sensitivity to your most sensitive areas. Each mouth-wide cylinder in this set is fully adjustable. Place the cylinder around your clit or nipple, then twist the top to adjust....
Size Matters Max Twist Triplets Nipple And Clit Suckers
Enjoy powerful suction with this triple set of demurely sized suction cylinders. Just apply to any area that would benefit from increased sensitivity and blood flow, no pumps or accessories needed. These self-contained suction devices work with a simple twist....
Sexperiments Nipple Suckers
Nipple Suckers are squeezable with flanged base for extra suction. Bulb is designed to provide increased sensitivity and blood flow. Includes 1 pair of Nipple Suckers Nipple Clips. From Sportsheets.
Hunky Junk Elong Nipsuckers - Cobalt
Elong Nipples suckers work...and look so cool. They will suck any size nip and are deep enough and big enough to fit small to medium piercings. These stay on- the base flares out for more contact with skin. What gives...
Hunky Junk Elong Nipsuckers - Black
Elong Nipples suckers work...and look so cool. They will suck any size nip and are deep enough and big enough to fit small to medium piercings. These stay on- the base flares out for more contact with skin. What gives...
Kink Tweak Nipple Sucker Set
Tweak nipple suckers, another unique design from the Kink by Doc Johnson collection, create powerful natural suction for authentic sensations and engorgement that traditional clips can't provide. With a simple squeeze, the Tweak set fits perfectly against the skin and...
Nipple Suckers – Most Wanted in 2022 – Joy Love Dolls

What are Nipple Suckers?

We'll admit, there's nothing very subtle about the name. Nipple suckers attach to your nipples and, well, they suck on them. The sense of pressure combined with the fact that the chest is an incredibly sensitive and erotic area of the body for most people can add something fresh and new to your sexual experiences.

You can use nipple suckers alone or with a partner – they're equally valid for a spiced-up masturbation session or full bondage play. Whatever you're using them for, it's worth having the best products you can find to bring you the highest level of pleasure.

Advantages of Nipple Suckers

So how do nipple suckers change the way you experience sex? Don't knock it until you've tried it – there's so much fun to be had.


The chest is a very sensitive area of the body, especially the nipples. Conventional sexual expectations mean that we tend to think this only applies to women, but men's chests are also highly erogenous areas if they're shown a bit of love and attention. Adult toys are nothing if not a voyage of self-discovery.

The suction puts pressure on the nipples and draws out feeling in their pleasure centers. This can be extremely pleasurable in its own right; some people can orgasm simply from having their chests stimulated. However, you can also combine it with other activities to deliver a truly mind-blowing experience.

Combining with Other Toys

A common type of chest play is to combine nipple stimulation with other types of suction. This often involves a vaginal or clitoral pump that stimulates lower areas by applying suction at the same time as the chest is being teased, as well as other toys such as dildos.

The best orgasms are always achieved by full-body stimulation, and the chest is an excellent place to start. It's full of pleasure receptors and easy to stimulate effectively, especially when you're using nipple suckers.


Milking is a popular form of kink play. Yep! Loads of people enjoy this, men and women alike. When suction is applied to women's nipples, it may draw milk out. Many women find this pleasurable, while it engages a certain kind of taboo that many men also find extremely sexy.

Easy to Clean

Most nipple suckers are very easy to clean in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Glass and silicone are the most common materials for these pumps and they both wipe clean in seconds, meaning that you're not left with a lengthy clean-up after having your fun.


Nipple suckers are often involved in bondage play. This especially utilizes more powerful types of suction, such as suckers that use a pump. It can be an exhilarating experience and helps people discover a new realm of bodily pleasure they never knew.

Remember to always employ a safeword when practicing bondage.

Types of Nipple Suckers

Silicone Nipple Suckers

Silicone is easy to clean and pleasant to the touch, making it one of the most popular materials for nipple suckers. As it's soft and pliable, it can also be used for nipple suckers that don't require any additional attachment. If you're worried about the suction becoming detached, it tends to be a safer choice than glass, as it's lighter and won't break if it falls.

Glass Nipple Suckers

Glass is an extremely effective material for creating suction. This makes it a favorite choice among bondage enthusiasts. It's also heavier than silicone so applies stronger pressure to sensitive areas.

There are glass nipple suckers that don't use a pump or suction hoses. These tend to be very sturdy and there's very little risk of them breaking unless they fall on the floor.

Still, if you're using glass, ensure that there's no risk of it falling and smashing when you're not paying attention. A good rule is to either use freestanding glass nipple suckers when lying on a mattress or to have a soft surface below where the suction cups are being attached.

Nipple Suckers with Pump

Many nipple suckers come with a pump and suction hoses. These can often apply a much higher level of pressure than silicone cups that simply attach to the chest by themselves. Each squeeze of the pump exerts further pressure, bringing you or your partner to new heights of pleasure. It's also very easy to stop and detach them if you find you've reached your limit.

Some models with a pump can also be repurposed and applied to other areas. Find out more about combined clitoral sets below, but even if you only have 2 hoses and cups, you can still mix it up!

Twisting Nipple Suckers

These models use a screw mechanism to create suction. The screw withdraws as it's wound, creating a vacuum that applies incredibly intense pressure to the target area. These types are popular in bondage play partly because of their somewhat intimidating aesthetic and partly because the sensation they bring is very intense.

These can be devastatingly effective but remember – with great power comes great responsibility! If it's your first time, be careful.

Nipple & Clitoral Sucking Sets

These 3-cup kits can apply suction not just to the nipples, but also to the clitoris. Clitoral suction can be extremely pleasurable for some people, and when combined with chest suction, it's a powerful, full-body experience.

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