Satin Bong Thong - Black
The Male Power Satin Bong Thong. The Satin Collection combines ultra-sexy silhouettes with soft stretch nylon, to create underwear that is both comfortable and alluring. These sleek garments conform to your body, tracing the male contours in smooth, liquid satin....
Male Power Rip Off Thong with studs
When a quickie needs to be quicker! The Male Power Rip Off Thong with Studs is stretchy to fit most. The thong has a Velcro front piece that rips off with ease. Find your power today!
Male Power Sheer Nylon Lycra Pouch Thong
Leave it to Male Power to take a good thing and make it even better. They offer many different thong choices to spice up an evening. The thong collection includes such innovative designs as a Y-shaped top attachment at the...
Male Power For The Guy Who Measures Up
For the guy who measures up! The Male Power G-string is stretchy and comfortable. The one-size fits most outfit has a keychain on front holding a measuring tape. Get your balls in an uproar!
Sold Out
Male Power Wonder Thong Animal Print
From basic cotton briefs to sexy thongs, sheer underwear to more erotic underwear styles, Male Power offers exceptional styles and unparalleled comfort for today's man who wants only the best in men's underwear. The Male Power Animal Print Wonder Thong...
Extreme Double Exposure
Short features pouchless front with metal ring detail, cutout back with metal ring detail and cire waistband and trim. L/XL. Waist: 36"-42"
Sold Out
For The Guy Who Needs More Trunk Space - Black
For the guy who needs more "Trunk Space"! The Male Power G-string is made of 100% Nylon. The one-size fits most outfit has an elephant head on the crotch and a squeaker inside for added noise. Get your balls in...
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Cocksox Mesh Sports Brief Frost White Xl
Sporty meets sexy! Two opulent fabrics combine to create the ultimate in contemporary men's underwear. Designed for active sportsmen, the Sports Brief features the Cocksox contour pouch in our signature Supplex fabric for maximum comfort support. Out back, the seamless...
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Cocksox Contour Pouch Trunk Cornucopia
Cocksox Contour Pouch Trunk Cornucopia
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Cocksox Mesh Enhancing Pouch Slingshot Fiery Red
Cocksox Mesh Enhancing Pouch Slingshot Fiery Red.
Cocksox Enhancing Pouch Slingshot Octane - Jet Black
Take the unique pouch from Cocksox underwear, hang it on a length of skimpy binding and get your freak on! The Cocksox Underwear Slingshot is the closest thing to getting around with nothing but a sock on your cockThese are...
Male Power Super Hero Thong - Black
Swooping onto the scene with lots of playful power, the red Let's Bang! Superhero Thong features comically bright print, a skimpy barely-there fit and a sexy little cape concealing the cheeks. Soft and stretchy, this novelty is perfect for jokesters...
Male Power For The Guy Who Likes To Screw - Black G-string & A Set Of Screw Drivers
For the guy who likes to screw! The Male Power G-string is stretchy and comfortable. The one-size fits most outfit has a pouch with mini screwdrivers on the crotch. Get your balls in an uproar!
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For The Guy Who Has No Reservations - Black
For the guy who has no reservations! The Male Power boxer is made of 100% Nylon. The one-size fits most outfit has a tuxedo design on the crotch. Get your balls in an uproar!
Male Power For The Guy Who Likes To Call The Shots
For the guy who likes to call the shots! The Male Power G-string is stretchy and comfortable. The one-size fits most outfit has referee stripping and a whistle on the crotch. Get your balls in an uproar!
Sold Out
Male Power For The Guy Who Tells Tall Tales
For the guy who tells tall tales! The Male Power bikini is made of 100% Nylon. The one-size fits most bikini has a face with Pinocchio's nose that houses your erection. Get your balls in an uproar!
Male Power For The Guy Who Likes To Serve It Hot
For the guy who likes to serve it hot! The Male Power Thong is made of 100% Nylon. The one-size fits most outfit has a tuxedo design on the crotch. Get your balls in an uproar!
Extreme Perk U Later Black O-s
Perk-u-later features dual horizontal straps on pouch, g-string back and cire trim. One Size. Waist: 28"-40"
Male Power Nylon Lycra Pouch Thong Black O-s
Smooth as silk! This Nylon gLycra Pouch Thong from Male Power feels as good as it looks. Show off your best assets in a pouch thong that brings everything up front and center. One size fits most men.
Men's Lingerie – Most Wanted in 2022 – Joy Love Dolls

What is Lingerie for Men?

Simple answer – whatever you want it to be. It could be a pair of boxer shorts that aren't so far from what you'd usually wear – but there's something about the cut and the aesthetics that makes it a bit alluring. A bit daring. Or you might be looking for men's sexy underwear like a bikini – did you know your partner loves your chest and nipples as much as you love theirs? Teasing before revealing isn't just for girls.

For men, lingerie most often takes the form of thongs or jockstraps. These can be relatively plain; sometimes the point is simply to hint at what lies beneath. Others like hoser lingerie are far less subtle and slightly more elaborate, including a sleeve that shows every inch of what you've got.

When it comes to men, lingerie tops are often athletic or formal. Tank tops are often worn as part of men's lingerie – they might be super-tight and revealing or have a tear-off strap at the back for stripping. There are so many options out there today, and there's never been a better time to discover sexy lingerie for men.

Benefits of Men's Lingerie

We know what you're thinking; lingerie looks amazing on women. All you have to do is check out our Starpery dolls collection to see how.

So, it might be hard to imagine that men's lingerie will look good on you.

We're here to tell you that there are several benefits of wearing sexy men's underwear, regardless of how you think you look in these products.

Looking Good

Sexy underwear makes you look sexy. That's the point – nothing complicated. And it works, too. You might not look at yourself in the mirror and see the appeal when you're wearing men's lingerie, and that's fine! You're not trying to turn you on. It's your partner who will thoroughly enjoy the show.

As you get used to wearing male lingerie, you'll discover that this sexy men's underwear that drives your partner wild also makes you feel sexy when you wear it – you've got the proof! 

Feeling Good

When you look good, you feel good. You'll be astonished at the confidence you gain when you start wearing lingerie for men simply because you've had the confidence to dress to impress. Try wearing men's sexy underwear like a thong under your work clothes – it feels different and transgressive, but you know you've got that sexy look going on underneath.

Making Your Partner Feel Special

For many straight couples, a classic error is that the guy buys the girl sexy lingerie as a gift to make her feel special. This can work so well – but you need to get the size right. You need to know her color preferences, her style preferences, etc. Most importantly, you're buying her a gift that can translate as benefitting you only, and that's not a winning strategy.

Buying sexy men's lingerie gives your partner something to look at. It confirms to them that you care about looking your best for them and also that you're willing to go out of your comfort zone for them. 

Comfortable to Wear

To many men, men's lingerie looks uncomfortable. That's because they haven't tried it. In many ways, thongs are designed much better for men than women. They hold everything in place neatly and don't cause things to “bunch up” when you sit down — no more re-adjusting under your work desk.

Lingerie for men isn't just for the bedroom. You can wear sexy men's underwear in your daily life – you'll feel more comfortable physically and more confident.

Fun in the Bedroom

There are many styles of men's lingerie to choose from. Some of these are very provocative and can help you and your partner warm up to some niche bedroom play, like using sex toys. For example, hosers are on the kinkier side because you've got restrictive sexy underwear for men that lets you and your partner enjoy teasing. There's so much fun to be had when you try out male lingerie.

Men Lingerie Types


Men's thongs are the most common type of male lingerie. They tend to show off your bulge at the front and are thin at the back. This gives your partner a great view of your buns (and yes, they want to see your buns!) Male thongs come in many shapes and sizes, so it's worth looking around before making your purchases.


The clue's in the title – jockstraps can play into that fantasy of dating a sport start that so many girls and guys have indulged. Jockstraps are often fully open at the back, giving a great view when you turn – the front is often more fully covered than a thong.


Tank tops are among the most common tops worn as male lingerie. They're easy to remove (some are super-easy – they can be torn off), and their association with formal dress makes them incredibly attractive. They also show off your arms, and the tight fit showcases your body.

Male bikinis are designed to let your chest speak for itself. Men often don't believe they can be made more attractive by men's lingerie, but trust the onlookers – male bikinis can be incredibly sexy.


Hosers are a type of thong that includes a sock or sleeve to show off your package. They're built for all-out “if you've got it, flaunt it” action. A popular choice for a striptease but perfect for any bedroom occasion.

Boxers & Briefs

Not everything sexy is overtly sexual. Well-designed boxers and briefs can show off your body and simply show that you care about looking good for your partner. You can't overstate how important and appealing that is.

Buy Men's Lingerie at Joy Love Dolls Today 

Check out the amazing range of men's lingerie on Joy Love Dolls today. You'll find the best sexy underwear for men and buy a product that you and your partner will love!