Inmi Bloomgasm Sucking Rose & Vibrating Butterfly Teaser - Red
Inmi Bloomgasm Sucking Rose & Vibrating Butterfly Teaser - Red
Inmi Bloomgasm Royalty Rose Textured Suction Clit Stimulator - Red
This royal flower has a layer of tiny, textured nubs along the inside of the petals on the top, right next to the clit-sucking hole. Using air-stim technology, enjoy 3 levels and 7 patterns of suction right on your clitoris....
Inmi Bloomgasm Wild Rose 10x Stimulator W-case - Red
This Bloomgasm Enchanted Rose is ready for you to enjoy as you wait for your long, lost love. Simply take the rose out of its clear, enchanted case and turn it on to enjoy 3 levels and 7 patterns of...
Inmi Bloomgasm Wild Violet 10x Licking Stimulator - Red
Let your pleasure bloom with this Wild Violet! This discreet and beautiful toy can fit in the palm of your hand making it travel friendly and perfect for a pleasure-toy on the go! Enjoy 3 speeds and 7 patterns of...
Inmi Bloomgasm Rose Buzz Dual Ended Clit Stim & Vibrator - Red
Explore your sexuality with this handy little flower! Bloomgasms Sucking and Vibrating Rose is built for teasing and pleasing - the powerful air pulsing from center of this flower is designed to stimulate your clit or nipples, while the firm...
Inmi Bloomgasm Sweet Heart Rose 5x Suction Rose & 10x Vibrator - Red
Treat yourself with a flower packed with power! The Bloomgasm Suction Rose is designed to suck and buzz, providing you with the perfect package to explore your sexuality - the sucking rosebud pulses and breathes on your clit or nipples...
Inmi Bloomgasm Rose Duet - Pink
Let your pleasure bloom with this Sucking and Vibrating couple of Roses! Built for intense blended orgasms - the smaller rose is designed to be inserted for deeply satisfying vibes, while the larger rose pulses and sucks on your clit....
Inmi Bloomgasm Wild Violet - Purple
Prepare to blossom with pleasure with this violet-shaped Bloomgasm Silicone Licking Clit Stimulator! This Wild Violet clit flicker fits neatly in your hands so you can play and explore in comfort - perfect for use on your own or with...
Inmi Bloomgasm Wild Rose - Red
Prepare to blossom with pleasure with this rose-shaped Bloomgasm 10X Silicone Suction Clit Stimulating Rose Toy! This Wild Rose clit sucker fits neatly in your hands so you can play and explore in comfort - perfect for use on your...
Rose Toy – Best Rose Sex Toys [2022] – Joy Love Dolls

About the Rose Toy

This clever adult toy is designed especially for women looking for intensity. The rose adult toy range packs quite the punch for the size and design. Much like the purpose of a pocket pussy, it’s great for solo play and can also be used to add some spice to intimate time with your partner.

There are a few brand variations of the rose sexual toy, such as the Inya and the Blossom. Most designs have the same functions, with a few differences here and there. This range will not disappoint, no matter which brand you buy.

The Benefits of the Rose Toy


The rose sex toy is super easy to use. Just push the button and let it take you to cloud nine! It is best to use a water-based lubricant for a smoother experience. 

The rose sexual toy is designed particularly for clitoral stimulation, but you can move it around as well if it's too concentrated for you. But with its easy-to-use design, you can explore for yourself how the device works on your individual erogenous zones to find the best techniques for you.  

Customize Functions to Your Pleasure

While the rose vibe has a range of functions and speeds, its strength typically remains high. However, you can use it with more or less pressure to get the right feel for you. The device is made to home in on your most sensitive areas to elicit maximum pleasure. 

The rose vibrator won’t disappoint you in terms of power. For women who enjoy or need high-velocity vibration to reach their climax, it is the ideal sex toy

Power and Intensity

Don’t be fooled by its cute, pretty, “doesn’t look like a sex toy” design. This device is extremely powerful for a toy of its size and appearance. You can expect maximum clitoral stimulation and pleasure.

This vibrator is easy to use, and you can expect a feeling of a quality product in its makeup and functions. 

Cute Appearance

As the name implies, this toy has very much a rose vibe as its inspiration. It’s shaped like a flower and even has pieces that look like beautiful petals. As ladies typically love flowers and pretty things, it’s an ingenious little design. 

Its appearance comes with more of an upside than just aesthetics, however. Its nifty shape and design lend themselves to easy, quality self-pleasure. 

What people also enjoy about the rose sexual toy’s appearance is that it may not be instantly recognizable as an adult toy, unlike a cock sleeve. It could easily pass for a home décor item. This may lessen the chances of embarrassing encounters of toys being left lying around for visitors, roommates, or family to come across. If they don’t know what it is, no one needs to have an uncomfortable experience!

How It Works

There’s a single control button on the rose sex toy, which you can keep pressing to take you through its range of functions. There are 10 in total. To change, you just have to go through various functions to find the perfect setting for you. 

The device is a sexual toy rose that uses vibration and air pulsation. This rose clit sucker action via the air pulsation setting can be a bit surprising if you aren’t used to it, but it is worth persevering.


Made of modern, top-quality body-safe materials, the sexual toy rose is an innovative personal pleasure device designed for maximum enjoyment. This adult toy range of these sex machines is typically made of silicone of a medium-firm hardness. The toys also usually have a non-porous ABS plastic base.

The rose vibrator’s materials are also more sanitary than those of other toys. The body-safe silicone doesn’t hang onto excess bacteria over time. 

The rose clit sucker is also waterproof, which makes for safe bath or shower play.  

Toy Care

To make sure it lasts and lasts, it’s important to look after your sexual toy rose properly. The rose vibrator is relatively low maintenance, so keeping it in good order is pretty straightforward.


The rose adult toy comes with a charging base for convenient powering up, rather than needing to replace the batteries. To charge your device, simply line up its magnetic prongs with the charging base. 

The power button on your sexual toy rose will flash off and on when it is charging. 


Cleaning is important to ensure a long life for your rose vibrator. The petals, while pretty, tend to get fluids beneath them. However, the petals easily fold back for cleaning purposes. Fluids can gather in the suction mouth as well, though it’s easy to clean it out with your little finger and a cloth. 

In just a few minutes, your little flower will be as good as new. 

It’s best to clean the toy thoroughly immediately after using it. Instead of using an alcohol-based sanitizer, opt for regular soap and water, or something like a tea-tree oil cleanser. This will be gentler on the rose toy and your body. 

Buy Your Rose from Joy Love Dolls Now

As you can see, the rose sex toy is the Cadillac of ladies’ vibrators. No messing around, just powerful, to the point pleasure. Be sure to order your sexual toy rose from Joy Love Dolls today. 

Not only do you get a lot of power in a cute package, but this is an affordable toy for anyone looking for extra pleasure. Combining affordability with quality and innovation, the rose toy makes for a great addition to your pleasure pantry.

This delightful little device sells fast, so don’t delay! Buy your new favorite toy now. 

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