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Ohmibod Lovelife Snuggle Dual Stimulation Vibe - Pink Ohmibod


The Ohmibod vibrator is the thrilling new face of teledildonics. For the uninitiated, that means remote-control vibrators – they can connect to your phone (or your partner's) via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Ohmibods are also just amazing sex toys, and there are styles to suit all tastes. Check out the range...

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The Ohmibod vibrator is the thrilling new face of teledildonics. For the uninitiated, that means remote-control vibrators – they can connect to your phone (or your partner's) via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Ohmibods are also just amazing sex toys, and there are styles to suit all tastes. Check out the range of Ohmibod vibrators at Joy Love Dolls and choose from models that offer maximum pleasure and fulfill all your kinkiest desires. Discover the full selection and buy products today!

Ohmibod Vibrators - Most Wanted - Joy Love Dolls

What is the Ohmibod Vibrator?

Ohmibods are a range of vibrators that offer conventional handheld models but can also connect to a phone, where the vibrator's intensity can be controlled. They also connect to smartwatches – they're the perfect toy to enjoy with your partner or even by yourself if you're feeling up for some solo kink!

These toys are made from surgical-grade silicone. They're built to last (as long as you use water-based lubricants – oil and silicone-based lubes can damage the material) and offer pleasure to every part of your body. An Ohmibod has excellent battery life and is ultra-responsive.

Benefits of Ohmibods

What sets the Ohmibod vibrator apart from other toys? Here's why these models give you the best experience.

Remote Control

You can control many of these vibrators via the Ohmibod app. Simply download the app, connect it to your Omnibod toy, and control the intensity from anywhere in the world!

That's right – the app works via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi/mobile data. The range of Bluetooth sex toys tends to be up to 30ft and is ideal for solo use or kinky situations like visiting a restaurant with your partner. The Wi-Fi connection means that the person using the phone can be anywhere in the world and control your orgasm as long as they have an internet connection.

A remote-control vibrator is perfect for all types of kinky experimentation. You could be at work, out in public, or doing the dishes, and suddenly you'll know that your partner is thinking of you – you won't be able to stop thinking of them! It makes Omnibod toys some of the best kink devices out there.

Powerful Vibration

These little toys have some serious power. Vibration intensity ranges from mild and virtually silent up to an intensity that will turn your eyes into saucers and your mouth into the perfect “O”.

It's super-easy to control, too: the sliding scale on the app can be moved up and down with a finger. We recommend finding your favorite levels in private before you try it in public – the intensity can be overwhelming if you're not expecting it. Although maybe that's just what you want!


Several Ohmibods are extremely discrete and fit snugly into your underwear without showing. From g-spot stimulators to clit vibrators to buttplugs, you can enjoy any type of stimulation with total discretion. The only thing that might give you away is your flushed face and heavy breathing!

Long Battery Life

The battery life on Ohmibods is impressive. This is great news because there's nothing more disappointing than finding that the battery is failing when you're halfway through a kinky session.

High-Quality Silicone

Omnibod toys are made from surgical-grade silicone. They're designed to be easy to clean and comfortable to use. Remember to use water-based lubricants, as other types may damage the silicone.

Every care has been taken to ensure that you're enjoying consistent, powerful orgasms with these toys. Once you've tried an Ohmibod vibrator, you'll find yourself craving it whenever you don't have it on!

Types of Ohmibod Vibrator

Ohmibods come in several styles. Some are designed for subtlety and are easy to conceal. Others are more typical vibrators and are made for handheld comfort. Here are the main types.


Models like the Esca 2 are classic egg vibrators that fit neatly between your legs. It's perfect for personal use and comfortable to hold, but it can also be worn beneath your underwear and turned on remotely. It stimulates your clit and g-spot together, providing overwhelming pleasure at the touch of a button.


Rabbit vibrators like the Snuggle Dual vibrators are perfect for bedroom use. They're easy to hold and provide waves of pleasure to your g-spot and clit simultaneously. Rabbits are one of the most enduringly popular models for a reason, and now you can let your partner control the intensity from their phone while you write in pleasure. Wild times.

Discreet Ohmibods

Several Ohmibod vibrators are small (but still potent) – these are perfect for wearing when you're out and about. Simply slip the vibrator into your underwear and give your partner total control over your pleasure.

The Omnibod range has changed the game for kink play. Despite their power, they're very quiet, meaning no one will know what's going on except you and your partner.


Options like the Ohmibod Lovelife Rev are designed to be held comfortably in your hand and offer pleasure right across your most sensitive areas. These are great options if you find it difficult to stay precise while pleasuring yourself, as the wide surface area means you'll always be hitting home. They're also a great learning toy to help your partner discover where you feel best.


Last but certainly not least, discrete Ohmibod buttplugs offer you a crazy level of kink when you're out and about. While you'll need to be careful about sitting down, these can be controlled remotely and offer mind-blowing stimulation. They're designed for everyone – regardless of gender, we should all have access to the highest levels of kinky stimulation.

These are the ultimate accessory if you enjoy taking the submissive role with your partner. Giving over control while out and about can be super-exciting, and these Ohmibod vibrators will have you begging your partner for more by the time you get home.

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Looks fantastic. Exactly like the picture. Very helpful when purchasing from them.definitely worth it. BUT (My fault) definitely be thorough with what you want, I choose hair implanted but didn’t check that the head would be hard and stiff. Still love it.

Gorgeous doll. Incredible quality. Got a significantly better deal than I found elsewhere. My first purchase and I'm very impressed.