Adam & Eve Dolphin Finger Vibe - Blue
From $39.16
You Save $11.19 (29% OFF)
Adam & Eve Dolphin Finger Vibe - Blue
Ride the waves of pure pinpoint bliss with this powerful bullet. Its soft silicone sleeve fits on your finger, so you can direct its intense 3-speed vibration wherever you crave it. A thin & flexible fin atop the bullet flicks...
$39.16 $27.97
Evolved Lick Me Triple Stim Vibe - Purple
From $176.36
You Save $50.39 (29% OFF)
Evolved Lick Me Triple Stim Vibe - Purple
This triple-action vibe has three distinct motors that can be controlled separately to create the ultimate pleasure experience! The center shaft is gently curved with a thumping function at the textured head while a thin, vibrating beaded shaft on one...
$176.36 $125.97
Lacy G-spot Vibrator W-tongue Licker
Lacy - This clitoral rose toy provides 9 different vibration modes and 9 different licking modes for alternate use. You can adjust this dildo's vibration intensity at will and use various combination of modes to bring you fantastic fun. Allows...
$99.08 $70.77
Abby Mini Clit Licking Vibrator Tongue Sex Toy - Purple
Mini Clit Licking Pocket Tongue Sex Toy. Never has a sex toy been so petite, so pretty, and so practical! No one can resist the attractiveness of this little beauty. This tiny clit sucker is aesthetically pleasing and functional satisfying...
$83.96 $59.97
Angel Triple Tease G-spot Stimulator - 3 Function - Purple
Angel- Triple Tease G-Spot Stimulator. Multi vibrator with G-spot flapping technology imitates the penis hitting and finger flicking. 3 in 1 multi vibrator with 25 modes. Sucking, Flapping and Tongue Licking. Whisper Quiet. Easy to Clean. Body safe. Medical Grade...
$132.68 $94.77
Amethyst Arouser
From $28.97
You Save $8.28 (29% OFF)
Amethyst Arouser
The Amethyst Arouser is amazingly powerful and has switch bottom activation. The power packed dual tongued clitoral arouser is beyond words. It is uniquely designed for maximum stimulation not only with the clit arouser but with the 3" X 1...
$28.97 $20.69
3" Crystal Playmate - Blue
From $27.85
You Save $7.96 (29% OFF)
3" Crystal Playmate - Blue
Hop on to this royal blue teaserand treat yourself to an indulgent evening. The Crystal Playmate is crafted from heavenly-soft jelly material to give you that smooth-glide experience you love. This superior quality stimulatoroffers 2.75 inches of insertable length to...
$27.85 $19.89
Wall Bangers Deluxe Beaver Vibe Waterproof - Pink
Turns any shower into sexual satisfaction! Waterproof Wall Bangers Deluxe is made of soft jelly. The usable length of the flexible penis shaped dong is 4.75" and the diameter is 1.5". A teasing beaver with flickering tongue hits your clit...
$47.59 $33.99
Femme Funn Versa Tongue Sleeve - Light Blue
From $30.79
You Save $8.80 (29% OFF)
Femme Funn Versa Tongue Sleeve - Light Blue
T Sleeve - Designed to mimic the shape and motion of the tongue. As the vibrations travel from the bullet's core, feel the soft tip flicker up and down, increasing sensation & pleasure.
$30.79 $21.99
Evolved Instant O Rechargeable Vibrator
From $173.56
You Save $49.59 (29% OFF)
Evolved Instant O Rechargeable Vibrator
This unique dual stimulation vibe features a delicious sucking sensation for the clitoris that mimics oral sex! Women love all the intense sensations of cunnilingus, from gentle tongue lapping to stronger pulling suction, and now that feeling comes with an...
$173.56 $123.97
G-love G-kiss - Purple
From $146.99
You Save $42.00 (29% OFF)
G-love G-kiss - Purple
The gorgeous G-Love G-Kiss is a dual stimulating massager with vibrating shaft and flickering tongue-like teaser. Love yourself just right with the flexible G shaft, 7 independent functions of flickering action and 12 independent functions of vibrations. The flickering teaser...
$146.99 $104.99
Slay #tickleme - Pink
From $60.89
You Save $17.40 (29% OFF)
Slay #tickleme - Pink
Slip the tickling Slay #TickleMe into your purse or handbag for knee-shaking pleasure wherever you go. The petite arouser fits between your fingers to let you deliver pinpoint tantalization and thrill with flickering vibrations. Get playful while you flicker through...
$60.89 $43.49
Sold Out
Tongue Twister Vibe Waterproof - Red
From $72.09
You Save $20.60 (29% OFF)
Tongue Twister Vibe Waterproof - Red
Kiss tired tongues good-bye! The Tongue Twister waterproof vibe is the tongue that never tires. It is multi-function, mult-speed and features a wide range of motion from vibrating to dual direction rotation. This luscious licker also boasts an easy to...
$72.09 $51.49
Evolved Pleasing Petal Vibe - Pink
From $109.16
You Save $31.19 (29% OFF)
Evolved Pleasing Petal Vibe - Pink
Let your fantasies take over with this creamy smooth silicone vibe that curves gently with a deeply textured oval head. Enjoy the bulbous tip and flexible slender shaft that moves with your body as the multi-speed motor keeps up with...
$109.16 $77.97
Evolved The Note Thumping Licking Vibe- Pink
From $151.16
You Save $43.19 (29% OFF)
Evolved The Note Thumping Licking Vibe- Pink
If music is the food of love, play on! This elegant musical note-shaped vibe is equipped with rhythmic delights designed to please inside and out. Its flexible shaft fills you with harmony in the key of 10 speeds, while the...
$151.16 $107.97
Ivibe Select Iroll
From $210.21
You Save $60.06 (29% OFF)
Ivibe Select Iroll - Pink
With the introduction of the iVibe Select iRoll, we've continued to reinvent the rabbit-style massager for the 21st century. iRoll's insertable vibrating shaft is textured with motorized beads that move up and down its length, while an external clitoral stimulator...
$210.21 $150.15
Pretty Love Faust Licking Trumpet - Fuchsia
Tremendous licking and vibration! A perfect product that stimulates all the right spots. Not only does it feature an exciting licking function in 12 modes with stimulating dots but it also stands out with its 12 strong vibration modes. This...
$100.79 $71.99
Pretty Love Phoenix Licking Rabbit - Pink
Do you wish that you could recreate that incredible feeling of receiving oral while enjoying penetration? Your prayers are answered by the Pretty Love Clit Suction Rabbit Vibrator. This unique rabbit has a modern twist, featuring a ‘sucking' clitoral stimulator...
$69.99 $49.99
Pretty Love Nelly Finger Battery Vibe - Pink
For vibrations that take you to climax, look no further than the pink silicone tongue clitoral stimulator. Made from silicone, this smooth and supple toy is designed to fit against your body perfectly. Shaped to mould to your vagina, this...
$48.29 $34.49
Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny - Blue
From $83.93
You Save $23.98 (29% OFF)
Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny - Blue
Magic is definitely a fitting description for this silky smooth beauty from Satisfyer's brand spankin' new Vibes collection. If you know Satisfyer, you'll already know that they've got the pleasure innovation market firmly cornered, and this Bunny proves it! Twelve...
$83.93 $59.95
Vibrating Tongue – Most Wanted Tongue Vibrators

What Are Tongue Vibrators?

Tongue vibrators are the ultimate tool for enhancing your sensual play. These playful little toys mimic the sensation of a lover's oral skills, sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. Whether you're looking to add some extra excitement to oral sex or exploring new ways to pleasure yourself, tongue vibrators are the perfect addition to your intimate playtime.

Benefits of Purchasing Sexual Tongue Rings

A tongue vibrator is an excellent addition to any pleasure collection, offering various benefits to take your experiences to the next level!

Emulates Oral Sex

The unique, unmatched design of sexual tongue rings means that they are perfectly capable of mimicking the sensation of oral sex and can provide intense and targeted stimulation to the clitoris and other sensitive areas.


While their unassuming looks might not reveal the true extent of their power, tongue vibrators are small, portable, and easy to use, making them perfect for solo play or couples' fun. These truly pack a punch – be careful not to overstimulate yourself while using them!


The sheer versatility and multifacetedness of our sexual tongue rings allow you to explore different types of stimulation and discover new ways to pleasure yourself or your partner. And with its powerful vibrations, it can take you to new heights of ecstasy and give you a truly sensual and lively experience. It's an investment in your pleasure that will pay off in spades.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Tongue Vibration Toys

When purchasing a vibrator, it's important to consider the following things:

  • Material: Make sure to choose a body-safe material that you're comfortable with, such as silicone or ABS plastic.
  • Size: Think about the size of the toy, both in terms of overall length and the size of the tongue-like portion.
  • Primary Features: Consider whether you want a toy with multiple vibration patterns or just a basic on/off option. Moreover, some toys are battery-powered while others are rechargeable – think about which option is more convenient for you.
  • Waterproofness: If you're planning to use your toy in the shower or bath, please make sure it's waterproof.
  • Extra Features:Some tongue vibration toys come with extra features like heating or suction, so think about whether those are important to you.

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Go ahead: explore, experiment and discover new ways to pleasure yourself with a vibrating tongue. Shop our collection of premium clit-sucking toys at Joy Love Dolls today!

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