Thinking about purchasing your first sex doll but aren’t sure what to expect? Having trouble deciding between sex dolls and want to see them in action first? If so, then check out our lusty gallery of sex doll videos below. Our sex doll video series covers everything you could ever want to know about sex dolls, so whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned sex doll veteran, there’s something new to learn from these silicone sex doll videos. In our live-action sex doll videos, we walk demonstrate a variety of different functionalities of our sex doll collections, including videos of changing a wig on your sex doll, a closer look at sex doll heads, what a sex doll storage kit looks like, as well as the best sex doll of 2020. Additionally, these sex doll videos take a closer look at teeth & tongue sets, removable body parts, mouth comparisons, and even a sex doll unpacking video.

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